Best Pregnancy Apps for New Moms – 2017 Edition

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Pregnancy is an astounding time. Truly, there’s something new to take in, consistently! To help you on your voyage, we searched high and low for applications intended to benefit, as much as possible, from these next nine or ten months. From baby name discoverers and useful articles to contraction trackers and tips, these pregnancy apps have it all.

Most of these apps are available for free on the Google Play Store as well as Apple store. However, You can download ALL the apps on any android phone and reap the besfits as and when required.

Pregnancy Apps #1: My Pregnancy Today – Baby Center

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What fruit is your developing infant the size of today? BabyCenter’s great pregnancy tracker and infant advancement timetable application is a step by step, week-by-week guide through your pregnancy. Expect fun, supportive instruments like a child name discoverer, kick counter, compression clock, and bump photograph journal. Investigate articles and recordings from BabyCenter specialists, nourishment and food tips, practice guidance, and significantly more.

Pregnancy Apps #2: Baby Bump Pregnancy Pro

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This award-winning app is a standout amongst the most far reaching pregnancy apps out there. It gives daily and weekly insights about your developing infant, a due date commencement, weight and midsection estimation trackers, pregnancy discussions, and an infant names directory. All these helpful highlights and more are bundled in a smooth and instinctive outline. It’s nothing unexpected that this application is so popular.

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Pregnancy Apps #3: I’m Expecting

This application offers week after week pregnancy recordings and daily updates in a basic yet powerful arrangement. It’s intended to share what’s going on with your developing infant and your body. Different highlights incorporate tips for diminishing pregnancy indications like queasiness, weariness, leg spasms, and yearnings.

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You can also read articles and counsel from industry specialists on this pregnancy app. Moreover, you can set updates and warnings and make a baby bump photograph journal, as well. You’ll likewise be able to approach pregnancy groups for help and inspiration in this application.

Pregnancy Apps #4: Pregnancy Assistant

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Here’s a basic, direct application for following fetal improvement step by step. Pregnancy Assistant offers points of interest and pictures particular to your developing baby and what’s in store amid every seven day stretch of your pregnancy. There’s likewise an area for individual notes.

Pregnancy Apps #5: Pregnancy Due Date Calculator 

pregnancy apps pregnancy apps

Simply connect to the first day of your last menstrual cycle and this lightweight pregnancy app will rapidly figure your baby’s expected date, the reasonable date of conception, how far along you are, and when you’ll hit the finish line of your first trimester.

Pregnancy Apps #6: Pregnancy ++

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This is a delightfully outlined application. It includes an individual dashboard with day-to-day pregnancy data, color and scanned pictures, an individual journal, logs for weight pick up and specialist’s visits, a kick counter, contraction clock/timer, child shopping list, infant names, and substantially more. It can likewise be customized for use by fathers, grandparents, and other relatives.

Pregnancy Apps #7: Baby Names

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What’s in a name? With an application like this one, you might be amazed. The Baby Names application includes more than 30,000 names, in addition to significance, elocution, sexual orientation, and starting point data about them all. Look at related names, perceive how prevalent a given name is in a yearly breakdown (backpedaling to 1880!), and add, rate, and offer your top choices with the My Names highlight. The application likewise offers intermittent recommendations in light of your inclinations.

Pregnancy Apps #8: Ovia Pregnancy

Ovia is an innovative and adjustable application. It gives you a chance to track weight pick up, oversee pregnancy side effects, food and nutrition, and record pre-birth vitamins and solutions. You can likewise track and graph your rest patterns, moods, exercise, and a lot more. Customize the application with rules in light of your BMI, age, and pregnancy age. Tweak your baby’s sexual orientation and name, and enjoy a dynamic timetable with significant articles.

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Different highlights incorporate food and medication care, a trimester progress bar, looking up at symptoms, and the sky is the limit from there onward. Ovia utilizes data science and your own personal details for a really customised and precise understanding.

Pregnancy apps for iOS

Now that we have the most useful pregnancy apps for Android at our fingertips, its time to mention some honorary apps for iOS so that new mothers can tap into the information and help do what’s best for their as well as their baby’s health.

These apps are specifically available for iOS on the App Store:

  • My Baby’s Beat
  • 50,000 Baby Names
  • Baby Pool
  • Sprout Pregnancy
  • Full Term – Labor Contraction Timer

Did you find this information useful? If yes, do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Happy parenting!

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