Travelling Apps : Get the Best Android Road Trip Apps of This Year

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Who doesn’t like road trips? It’s almost the best way to take some time off from the busy lifestyle of people that revolves around various different things nowadays. The road trips not only a great way to relax but they are also the perfect way to explore new places, meet new people, and also learn a new culture. This is why most and most people are now taking road trips in different parts of the world. However, planning and executing a road trip is easier said than done since it requires immaculate planning and proper resources to make it a success. Smartphones and apps on road trips can help you in this since they can help you plan better and also can help you in making tour experience a little better. Here are some of the best Android road trip apps that you can use.

Best Android road trip apps to use in 2017

Android Auto

This is an app that transforms your Android smartphone into a dashboard. You get quick access to various smartphone features, like music, messages, navigation, and many other stuff. The app performs perfectly while you are driving somewhere, which means that you’ll focus on the roads more than checking out the maps and other stuff that takes much of your time. The app also has the capability to support a wide variety of apps, like Waze, Google Maps, chat apps, music apps, and more. So if you’re planning to go out on a road trip download one of the best road trip apps Android Auto on your Android device which runs on Android or above and enjoy. You can download this app here.

android road trip apps


This is an app that lets you find a good place to stay. The app boasts to have more than 4 million places to stay across more than 90 countries. It’s not like any other app that connects you with hotel, motel, or hostel. The app actually connects you with the people who are ready to rent out their homes or rooms at various rates directly from their home or apartment. This means no matter where you go, you’ll find a place to stay through Airbnb. Furthermore, as you get to live with the locals, you get to learn about the place and the cultures very easily. You might also well be surprised by the rates of the stay since they can be less and very affordable which is perfect on a road trip. Click here to download the app.

android road trip apps

Lonely Planet

This app is basically a collection of city guides and information about them. The Lonely Planet app features fun facts about various monuments and landmarks and also provides you tons of information about the cities and their local cultures. Furthermore, the app features recommendations from other travelers, offline maps, audio phrasebooks that are present in more than 19 languages, and even popular bookmarks. This makes the Lonely Planet app one of the best android road trip apps in 2017. Download the app

android road trip apps

Google Maps

GMaps is arguably the best navigation app present across all the platforms. The app is supported in almost all the countries of the world and apart from showing you the way to your destination, it also provides you information about the local businesses, transit schedules, and even the traffic updates that are accurate most of the times. Furthermore, if you’re planning to take a trip to a place where you suspect having no network then worry not because Google maps have an offline maps feature that lets you download and store the map of a particular region. This provides you great help even when you are in a no network zone. If you don’t have the app download it from here.

android road trip apps


Tell Roadtrippers your starting location and destination, Your travel dates, and information about the kinds of things you’re interested in finding along the way, and this, one of the best Android road trip apps will plan a journey for you. Roadtrippers can find unique attractions, museums, restaurants, amusement parks, campsites, and many more stuff. When you find a site you like, just add it to your trip, and Roadtrippers will redraw your travel map accordingly. Click here to download the app.

android road trip apps


If you love driving through the mountains or deep into the desert, you can’t be sure you’ll have a network and Internet access. This is where the app by Triposo plants offline maps and travel guides onto your phone so that you can use them even in no network zones. Furthermore, before you download the offline maps and guides for any location you choose to visit, the app notifies you on how much space will the download take up on your phone, too. When you pull up a destination on Triposo, it offers top sightseeing suggestions, a weather forecast, and more ways to explore the destination. Click here to download the app.

android road trip apps

These are some of the best Android road trip apps and Android road trip planning apps that you can use efficiently in 2017 to plan your dream road trip. The aforementioned apps will make the process fo planning for your road trip easier and will also help you in knowing the place and the locals as well. So what are you waiting for? Grab your Android device, download the apps, pack your bags, and leave for a perfect road trip.


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