Best Android Emulators That You Can Use in Your PC

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What are the Android emulators?

Before we directly jump into the list of best Android emulators that you can use, it’s important that you understand what they actually are. So, basically, an emulator is a software that lets you install the Android apps on your PC and use them as you do on your Android smartphone. There are many emulators that enable you to use apps on your pc that could be running on Windows 7,8,10, or even Mac. The emulators are a blessing in disguise for people who love Android apps and games and want to use them on a larger screen.

How does an Android emulator work?

An Android emulator provides you the apt environment that is required to run various Android apps and games on your PC. In simpler words, an emulator makes your PC compatible to run the apps and games that are specifically designed to run in the Android phones. Once you install this software on your PC, you can search for the apps and games and then download them and start using it.

Here are some of the best Android emulators that you can use


This is probably the most common and popular Android emulator used by the people all across the world. It’s definitely one of the best Android emulators to run the Android apps on both Windows and Mac as well. The software creates a virtual copy of the Android OS on your PC using a technology called LayerCake that helps you to download, install, and use any Android app that you want on your PC.

Android Emulators

One of the most interesting thing about this application is that it doesn’t require any external virtual desktop application. All you need to do is just install the software on your PC and you’re ready to install and enjoy all the Android apps and games on a larger screen. Bluestacks is completely free and can be downloaded easily from the internet just by clicking here. However, Bluestacks takes up a lot of your PC’s RAM storage, so make sure you have a PC with a good RAM and a good graphics card as well.


This is a free Android emulator that is available both for Windows and Mac and is best suited for Android games. However, it can also be used to download and use Android apps as well. This emulator has a Phone as Controller feature that allows the users to play the game on PC while using a smartphone rather than the traditional gamepad. Andy comes with the latest Android OS and it also can be updated to other versions.

android emulators

Nox App Player

This is considered to be an alternate for Bluestacks but more for the gamers. The emulator has many additional utilities that are designed for the gamers to help them control their games using the mouse and keyboard. It’s a completely free software and can also run various Android apps that you use on your phone.

android emulators


This application is basically targeted to the Android developers as it allows you to create Android apps and test them on different Android devices. To make it simple, let’s say that you want to develop an app for a specific device that you don’t own. This is when you can take the help of Genymotion that provides you a virtual platform for the device you want and lets you test your apps and games on it.

android emulators

The software also comes with a variety of development features and tools, which you can buy through a license. However, if you don’t want all the features you can use the free version as well.


This is one of the latest alternatives for the Android emulators which can be also considered to be very good. It creates a virtual machine on your Pc so that Android can run on it. This application is considered to be very sleek as it runs smoothly, scores impressively, and also boot quickly than most of the Android emulators available today. The software is believed to support all the Android apps in existence which is an added bonus as well.

android emulators

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