Best Android Camera Phones That are Available to Buy Today

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Almost everyone today owns a smartphone which has made it very easy to click pictures on the go. Even the smartphones have effectively replaced the classic point-and-shoot-cameras and also might have outperformed them. People now want their smartphones to have good cameras so that they never miss a moment that needs to be captured. If you’re one of them and wondering what are the best Android camera phones available in the market today, then wonder no longer, because here are some of the best Android camera phones.

List of the best android camera phones

Google Pixel

Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL definitely have one of the best camera sensors that could be found on a smartphone. The Google Pixel has a 12.3-megapixel main camera sensor which is paired with a fast f/2.0 lens. Pixel phones have impressive sensors that are paired with a combination of phase detection (PDAF) and laser detection (LDAF) for better autofocus that would enable you to capture beautiful photos and videos. This makes Google Pixel one of the top contenders for the best Android camera phone.

best android camera

OnePlus 5

Launched recently, the OnePlus 5 is a high-end flagship phone with premium features and great build. The phone also has a great camera setup that comes with a dual-camera module, like the one in iPhone 7 Plus. OnePlus 5’s dual camera setup boasts a 20-megapixel Sony telephoto lens with a f/2.6 aperture and a 16-megapixel Sony lens with a f/1.7 aperture lens. Additionally, OnePlus has also partnered with DxOMark to optimise the optics of the smartphone, which is claimed to be the highest dual-camera setup system of a phone available today.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

Starting from the Galaxy S7 smartphones, Samsung has tried hard to make the camera of its flagship phones powerful and it has succeeded as well. The newly launched Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus apart from their great features also boast very good cameras. Both the devices have a 12-megapixel main shooter camera sensor that allows you to take crisp and high-quality pictures.

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The HTC U11 has arguably the best camera phone that is available in the market right now. The phone doesn’t have a dual-camera setup but instead, it has a great 12-megapixel single lens camera that promises crisp and great pictures. HTC U11’s camera module is equipped with the UltraPixel 3 and the UltraSpeed AutoFocus technologies with a bright f/1.7 aperture lens and 1/2.55 inch sensor that provide great low-light camera performance.

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These are four of the best Android camera phones that you could buy at present.

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