Bad Apps That Are Not Worth Downloading Or Using

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We’re so thankful for being a part of the generation that is blessed with technology. We can carry out so many tasks using our smartphones. If you are using a smartphone, you know what apps are. Basically, you do everything with the help of apps. We all know some of the most amazing apps that we really need to have on our phone. On the contrary, there are some really bad apps that you should know about just so that you never waste your resources to install them. The bad apps that will be listed in this article have a variety of reason for being so. Some of them are badly designed apps, while others are simply not meant for being used. Make sure you remember these android apps to avoid.

List of The Bad Apps That You Should Not Download

1. We Chat app

bad apps

When we were introduced to the concept of messenger app, we all saw three top apps- WhatsApp, WeChat, and Hike. We’ve all at some point in life used this app. To begin with, it is a Chinese app. Majority of Chinese people use this app as a source of communication. But, if you are a foreigner and are thinking of using WeChat, you would want to rethink. WeChat confirms the fact that whatever messages or content is exchanged over the app, it is accessible for the Chinese government. The reason this isn’t exactly pleasing is- WeChat can even be used to make payments. You wouldn’t want the Chinese government to know your purchases or your exchange of texts with people. Being a foreigner, it seems like it is an invasion of privacy. Why use this app when you have a bunch of amazing alternatives?

2. Sarahah app

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Every person who uses Instagram undoubtedly might be knowing about the Sarahah app. In fact, many of you would have even used it. The app is famous for letting people share their feedback anonymously. Ever since it was out on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, the app has been downloaded by lots and lots of people. However, it was found out that the app had been uploading the contact number as well as the email address from the address book of the user. This is why you should critically think whether or not to install such apps.

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3. Nothing app

bad apps

Before this app came out, there was a great amount of hype about it. We all thought it is going to be something exciting and unique. But to people’s disappointment, it is one of those badly designed apps that are confusing. To top it all, there is just absolutely nothing. There are no guidelines or how to use section in the app. To be precise the app literally has nothing. It just shows a blank screen. When you shake your phone, there is a random countdown. And it is hard to tell what the countdown is about. To add to the user’s confusion, the reviews are really amazing. People leave reviews that the app has changed their lives. But the question is- how?

4. Tinder app

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The idea of making new friends and meeting new people is not bad or questionable. But doing so using an app definitely is. While a lot of people use this app on a regular basis and actually meet people through the app, there is a reason this is a bad app. The app has turned into a dating app where people try to find a date and a person to hang out with for a few days. The concept of “friends with benefits” has been brought to life with the app. So, if you have downloaded the app to find interesting people and are anticipating friendship, you will be disappointed most probably. And, we can’t overlook the fact that there are so many teens using this vicious app.

5. Missing App

bad apps
a screenshot of the game

This is sort of a game with a purpose. And the purpose is to make people realize how adverse the life of prostitutes is. It basically shows how so many girls are dragged into the business and how their lives are completely ruined. The reason why this game doesn’t work well is- it has a long story mode. It might make people quit the game even before it starts. Now, talking about another downside- the app is totally not for teens or anyone below 18. But, so many teens use smartphones and the way the game portrays the means of money making is misleading. A lot of teens might buy the concept of getting to make money through this profession. Isn’t that how people voluntarily get into this business?

While there are more bad apps, this list would have still helped you figure out you don’t need to install or use them.


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