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Will Textalyzer Really Make a Huge Decline in Road Accidents?

According to World Health Organisation, 1.2 million people die and 50 million people get disabled for life due to road accidents. Statistics over the last decade, points out that road crashes are right now at the tenth position in the list of leading killers. It is estimated that by 2030,…

game of thrones cast

Best Android Apps to get if you love Game of Thrones Cast

As Season 7 Game of Thrones is approaching an end, the internet is flooded with videos,articles, fan theories, games, memes, and a lot more about this popular show. This massive television show has stolen the hearts of many all over the world. The show which is based on a series…

Personal Security Apps

Top 5 Personal Security Apps for Your Safety

Ever felt being followed or stalked when you take that evening walk? Every girl would have had a bad experience at least once in their life time which is related to sexual abuse including stalking, eve teasing, threats, molest, and rape. The best thing to do, for being prepared to…