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yoga apps in hindi

Top 5 Yoga Apps in Hindi to Melt Your Stress Away

Yoga is a not only an important component of the Indian culture but also a habit that paves its way towards a healthy life. It is mentioned in our sacred Vedas which were scriptures written by saints during the early times. It was given utmost importance even in those times…

One Plus 5

One Plus 5 Review: Is it really worth buying?

If you’re thinking of buying a good phone and you really don’t like iOS much, One Plus 5 is one among the best choices of android phones you’ve got today. May be there are some flaws when it comes to the design of the phone and you may think that…

big billion days

Flipkart Big Billion Days Vs Amazon Great Indian Sale

Needless to say, Flipkart’s Big Billion Days and Amazon’s Great Indian Festival has drawn in a lot of excitement among one of the biggest consumer markets of the world. Flipkart’s sale is scheduled to begin on 20th of September, whereas Amazon’s Great Indian Festival will kick start a day later….

best sleep apps

5 Best Sleep Apps For Your Phone To Save The Night

Does sleeping time means thinking time for you? Oh yeah! that’s when all the old memories and future worries bother you, isn’t it? You may go to bed early feeling tired and sleepy but you end up awake, staring at the fan for hours before you see the sky turn…

Best Health and Fitness Apps

8 Best Health and Fitness Apps For Every Android User

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is almost impossible today with the fast paced lifestyle we follow. Good food, Good sleep, and enough exercise can benefit your body and mind, both alike.  So we’ve come up with 8 best health and fitness apps that would work on your android phone like your…

Xiaomi Mi A1

Xiaomi Mi A1 Review: Look and Features

The Xiaomi Mi A1 which represents Google’s Android one project was launched on Tuesday, this week. The Chinese company, Xiaomi, has high hopes for its new product since Mi phones have been doing pretty well in the market. The company had been working with Google since six months for the…

Political Ad Placement

The Democrats Demand More Transparency in Political Ad Placement

The US Democrats pointed out that there is a vital necessity of bringing political ad placement on social media under observation. According to lawmakers, the new signs of Russian intrusion in the 2016 US elections demands serious legal norms that would require social media companies to disclose more about their…

apps to reduce eye strain

Apps to Reduce Eye Strain on Your Android Phone

Undoubtedly, most of us spend at least a couple of hours in front of harmful rays of the screen every day. Either we love social media and digital games or we’re forced to, because of work. Almost everything including study material for exam and novels are digitized today, that even…