Instagram for PC: Download it on Windows on Mac OS

Download Instagram for PC: It's been quite long we have talked about an image based social app, and that's why today we have decided to talk about Instagram and how we can get this app on our Windows PC. Photographs are the only thing that remain constant over time. People chnange, times changes, places change and thus, we change. But pictures, … [Read more...]

How to Earn Money from Android Smartphone

Make Money from Android Smartphone: Android Smartphones have become the Holy Grail for everything you need in life today, except the basic necessities of course. Just so we don’t feel like we waste our time using apps on our android smartphones all day, the generous android app industry now has several apps that help you make some quick cash and … [Read more...]

Android Tethering : All You Need to Know About

Imagine you are out on a holiday with family and you have purposely selected a place with no internet connectivity or no nearby open free WiFi Hotspot Zone, so as to enjoy your much needed break. There are many situations in life wherein things come up in the most unexpected fashion and one of them is undeniably, work. However, because work is … [Read more...]

Eternity Warriors is now Easily Accessible on PC

With every passing day, the gaming industry finds itself blessed with new improvements. The gaming industry today is booming like never before. With almost life like games and a personal touch to each of them, games today are more updated and better in comparison to their forefathers. From better graphics to fabulous sound effects, virtual gaming … [Read more...]

How to Download and Play Candy Crush for PC, Laptop, Mac, Windows 8.1/8/7

Technology and gaming have always been hand in hand. Today we are going to discuss the process of downloading Candy Crush for PC. Ever since the evolution of digital gaming, people have welcomed gaming very warmly and inquisitively. Developers kept on coming up with new games and game lovers kept on playing them. After all, what better a stress … [Read more...]