Top 10 Best Music Streaming Apps for Android Smartphones

Music has been a part of our life now-a-days. While travelling or chilling out with friends, music is a part you can’t avoid. Discarding music players, today’s smartphone and tablet has taken priority. Having a great music streaming app in our phone not only allows us to tap and play but also we can start music on demand! Today we will be providing … [Read more...]

Download Temple Run 2 for PC & Laptop for Free

Get Temple Run 2 for PC (Win 7/8.1/10): Everyday new new games are being released, with the addition of smartphone, gaming addiction is transferred slowly on smartphone also. Gaming culture has taken the world by surprise with its newest animations, graphics and sounds. Each day, new games are being developed and this has created a never ending … [Read more...]

Snapchat for PC: Download for Windows PC and Mac

Snapchat Download for PC: Snapchat is the newest addition to the over the top players. When our loved ones are away, technology brought them closer. Amidst Orkut, Facebook, Yahoo Messenger and Whatsapp, the world witnessed the closest you can get to your loved one who is distant. Skype, a video calling application, it allows you to talk face to … [Read more...]

Download Truecaller For PC: Windows 10/7/8.1 and Mac

Download Truecaller for PC and Laptop: Gone are the days when prank calls were fun and our identities and number were safe. Today, nothing is safe or hidden, because someone somewhere is developing a way to uncover all the secrets. Truecaller is here to protect you from spam callers by showing the details of any unknown number. You can easily be … [Read more...]

Guide to Backup Files from Android to PC in 5 Minutes

Backup Android to PC in easy steps: The idea of having a backup of all the data of your Android Phone is as good as having a magic wand that protects your life from falling apart. In case you lose your phone, or the phone crashes suddenly, without any possible cause, you are sure to lose all your data.There are several ways wherein one can save his … [Read more...]