Aptoide App Store: A Great Alternative For Google Play Store

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There’s no doubt about the fact that Google Play Store has most of it. But if you move beyond the “most of it”, you know you are failing to get the apps you desire. Moreover, greatest apps on Google Play Store are paid versions. So, if there’s an app that’s premium, you forget about it and move on. You don’t have to do that anymore. There is an umpteen number of alternatives for Google Play Store. Aptoide is one them and boasts to be the best out of them. You should definitely read ahead to know more about this popular Google Play Store alternative.

What is Aptoide?


As already mentioned, Aptoide is an alternative for Google Play store. It is an android market using which you can download and use a number of apps. These apps include games, different kinds of messengers and a lot more. The reason why Aptoide has become a popular name is the huge market that it has. Currently, it serves more than 900,000 apps. Aptoide became popular for a very predictable reason that is- providing premium apps for free. There are a major number of people using android phones. Apps being charged for an iPhones makes sense since those are high-end phones and the premium apps are affordable for people who can afford an iPhone. Many people buy an android phone of whatever brand mainly for the reasonable price of it. And then paying for premium apps is not exactly what people would want to do. So, this alternate store makes it really easy for people who would otherwise not be able to use an app that asks for an extra buck.

While Google Play Store is a centralized store, Aptoide is run by different users who manage their own stores. But then, why do people have their own stores? The answer is- to provide free versions of Android apps to other people. When you use Aptoide Store, you are not getting the app from the original developer. Instead, there are people who pay and install the app and then share it on this store for others to install it for free.

In order to start using the Aptoide, you need to install the APK file. You only get to retrieve the Aptoide APK file from the official website and nowhere else. Once you are done installing the Aptiode APK on your phone, you can access other apps available on it.

Aptoide has been updated very recently. This is the 19th update that Aptoide has reveived. The new version is Aptoide 8.3 that was updated on May 2017. It has 250,000 stores from where you can download different apps. The app has become very popular since about 142 million people are using it.

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Pros of Aptoide

  • Absolutely free– The first and the obvious advantage you get out of using Atpoide is- free apps. You end up paying for a premium app and then renewing your subscription from time to time. But when you use Aptoide, it is all free. This is hands down the major reason why 142 million people are installing and using Aptoide Store.
  • You don’t need a license- When you want to become a certified publisher on Google Play Store, you have to pay a certain cost which is about $25 which is about Rs 1500 as an approximate number. This basically means that in order to be able to make your apps available to people, you have to pay. However, there is no such cost involved on Aptoide. You can publish your apps totally free of cost.
  • You can share apps with family and friends– If a number of people associated with you want to use a certain app, you can split the cost. All you have to do is- pay for the app on Google Play Store and install. After doing so, share it on Aptoide and let your family members and friends download it for free.

Cons of Aptoide

  • One of the biggest inconveniences is indirect download and multiple downloads. You can’t directly click once and get the app on your device. You first have to download the APK from the Store and then install the APK from your device. Even when you download the Aptoide store, you have to first download the APK. This puts users through a lot of inconveniences.
  • This one is a major concern for people who are weighing the consequences of using this alternate Store. Since the premium version apps are available for free here and that too not from original developers, it questions the credibility of this store. There are a number of illegal Apps on Aptoide. The consequences of downloading those apps are still not known but you need to be on the safer side and keep away from illegal apps.
  • It has apps that are meant for adults as well. Since these apps are explicitly available in this store, it makes it less suitable for children to use. However, you can block such apps in the settings.
  • Android is already vulnerable to malware. Aptoide makes your phone even more vulnerable with apps that have Malware. So, if you are downloading any unverified app, you are at chances of harming your phone.

Wrapping it up

Weighing the pros and cons and deciding whether or not to use Aptoide is something you should consider doing. For people who really need certain apps that are paid on Google Play Store- this alternate store could be a savior. But if you keep in mind the cons of it and download apps cautiously, it can save you from unwanted troubles your phone or you otherwise might go through. This store has been there since long in the market. It has also managed to climb up the list of alternatives for Google Play Store. If you know what you want and keep away from unverified apps, you can use Aptoide without worrying. Wish this article was of help for you. You can download the latest version of Aptoide APK by clicking here. After doing so, don’t forget to download the Aptoide Store by using the APK file.




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