Apps for Students: Top Android Apps That Every Student Must Have

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If you’re a college student then gone are the days when your parents helped you get up in the morning, help you with your homework, and even helped with your budget. Now that you’re in a college, you’re probably on your own. High school and college are periods when the knowledge of students reach to newer heights and this is also the period when you need to learn to adjust without being dependent. Luckily, with the increasing demand of smartphones and apps that run on them, you can find various apps for students that can help you get organized. These apps will not only help you in making schedules, taking notes, and organize your projects, they also help you in studying as well. Here are some of the Android apps that you should have if you’re a student.

Essential apps for students

I can’t wake up

If you’re having troubles waking up in the morning, which always results in you getting late for the class then this app is for you. Unlike, the regular alarm apps this is unique as it turns off only after you solve a wake-up challenge. The app doesnt have any snooze button, which means the only way of stopping it is by solving the challenge. You can choose the wake-up tasks that includes maths, memory, repeat, rewrite, match, and many other tasks. Additionally, the app also lets you choose the type of alarm you want to set. If you’re not a deep or heavy sleeper then you can choose the smooth wake up option that enables a smooth alarm tone. There are many other customizations available in the app that is free and you can even buy the pro version of the app. Download the app here.

apps for students


This is an app that offers total automation for your Android smartphone starting from the settings to messaging. It’s basically a programming tool that enables you set triggers based on the environment you’re in. The app can detect your location, and based on it can enable or disable certain settings on your smartphone. It can even launch and close automatically and perform specific tasks in those apps. However, this app is for the students who are advanced smartphone users as operating it can be a challenge for the others. Having said that, this is one of the most powerful apps for students to keep everything organized. You can purchase this app by paying Rs. 199.99 in Google Play Store. However, you can use the 7-day free trial of the app by heading to its official website. Download the app here.

apps for students


With this app, forgetting homework and assignments will be a thing of past. This basic Android app is one of the most helpful apps for students since it reminds you things, like when your assignments are due or when do you have your tests. Not only this the app also turns your smartphone into silent mode once you enter your classroom. All you need to do is just set the location of your classroom and manually input the dates of your test and assignment submissions, and you’re good to go. Download this unique app here.

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Office lens

This is an app developed by Microsoft that helps you in taking the pictures of documents, blackboards, whiteboards, receipts, magazines, and many other things and convert them into a format that could be editable and shareable. Unlike other scanning apps, this app also lets you scan things written on a whiteboard or blackboard, which in itself is a  unique feature of the app. Furthermore, you needn’t worry about the angle you take the picture from because the app automatically takes the correct angle and also clears the images from glares and shadows to make sure you get a clean image. Additionally, you can save the pictures scanned in formats, like PDF, Word, or even Powerpoint, which makes it one of the best apps for students. Download the app here.

apps for students

Microsoft Office

Another app from Microsoft that has made accessing documents on your device easy. Like the PC version of the Microsoft Office, the mobile version also includes Word, Powerpoint, Exel, Outlook, and even the One Note. All you need to do is store your documents on the OneDrive and you’ll have the document on your smartphone whenever you need. The best thing about this app is that even if you’ve created your document on a PC the app will convert it into mobile version when you open it in the app. If you have got an Office 365 subscription you’ll get even more benefits that you can use. Download the app here.

apps for students


This is an app that connects the students, proffessionals, and the learners all across the world with free online courses from almost over 100 educational institutions and global universities including universities, like Yale and Stanford as well. Download the app and watch the lectures you want to anywhere, anytime, and any subject you want. You also get these lectures in various languages including Chinese, Spanish, French, Russian, and even Portuguese. Furthermore, you can also get certification for the course you’ve learned by paying a minimal fee for the cost of the course. Download the app here.

apps for students


Rated as one of the best free Android apps for students, Evernote is a free app that helps you record and remember everything across all your devices. This is basically a note app that lets you stay organized and productive. The app lets you take notes, capture pictures, set voice reminders, and even create to-do lists. Furthermore, it lets you use your fingers or stylus to write stuff and store it across all the devices that you have Evernote installed in with your ID. Download the app here.

apps for students

These are some of the best Android apps that students can use in their day to day life. If you’ve tried any of these apps tell us, do you like them or not in the comments below. You can also tell us if you know some other apps that could be beneficial for the students.



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