Anti-Anxiety Apps That Could Provide Respite From Stress and Anxiety

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Stress and anxiety are probably the most common mental problems that people all over the world are suffering from. Especially with the world becoming fast paced and people finding very less time for themselves to relax from their work and responsibilities, these mental problems have been taking a toll on a large number of people. This has led the people to look out for various ways to get rid of the stress and anxiety. While counseling, exercise, massage, and other things might seem the only way to get rid of the stress, thanks to the growth of smartphones, there is another effective way to get rid of the stress. Today, you can find various anti-anxiety apps on Android and other mobile operating systems that could make your stress go away. Here are some of the best Android apps that could help you relieve stress and anxiety.

Best Anti-Anxiety apps for Android devices


This is one of the most simple and easy-to-use anti-anxiety apps available for both for Android and iOS devices. The app contains over 25 sounds that help you in meditation and can help in relieving anxiety and stress. Sounds like raindrops falling on the leaves, crackling fireplace, chirping of birds, and many others provide you a soothing feeling which is enough to get you relaxed. Additionally, the app also comes with various meditation programs that are free and set your mind at ease. You can download the app here.

anti-anxiety apps


This is a comprehensive meditation app that helps you meditate. The app consists of many guided and unguided meditation techniques that could help you pass through all the phases of your life. You can download the app for free but you only get ten free sessions on the app. If you want more you can subscribe to the app and have the access to hundreds of hours of extra content related to meditation. Additionally, this app also monitors your progress so that you can view it and make sure you’re going the right way. Click here to download the app.

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One of the best anti-anxiety apps, Happify comes with various games, short quizzes, and a lot of fun activities that could help anyone ditch their stress and make them happy. The developers of the app claim that the techniques used in the app are developed by leading scientists and 86% people using this app are believed to be using this app regularly to get away from stress. If you go through the feedbacks of the people using this app, you’ll be amazed to find that most of them are satisfied with the app and claim to feel significantly happier in just 2 months after using the app. Download the app here.

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This is an app that provides tools designed by psychologists to address stress and anxiety based on mindfulness meditation, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, mood/health tracking, and relaxation. Rated 4.4 on the Google Play Store, the app consists of guided paths to relieve stress, meditation audio tools, mood tracker, health tracker, daily challenges and various other things that are very effective in helping you recover from anxiety and stress. The app is free to download but you might need to pay for a subscription to access all the features present in it. Download this one of the most effective anti-anxiety apps here.

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Coloring books that were meant only for the kids in the past have gradually become a great tool to reduce stress and anxiety among the adults. However, today’s busy lifestyle prevents people from getting coloring books, crayons, colors, and others that are required for coloring. This is where this wonderful app called Colorfy comes in. The app consists of many coloring pages that you can use to get rid of the stress. Although it’s a coloring app, it’s proven to be one of the most anti-anxiety apps available for the people to download today. You can use this app on the move and anywhere you want to, which makes it even more special. Download the app here.

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Seven Minute Workout

It’s already proven that working out is a great way to get relief from stress and anxiety. However, most people today just can’t spare a lot of time everytime they feel anxious. This is where this anti-anxiety apps come in very handy. The app teaches you seven minutes workouts that can be done using nothing more than a chair, a wall, and your own body weight. These series of seven-minute workouts can also be customized to whatever helps you relieve the most stress. Download the app here.

anti-anxiety apps

These are some of the best anti-anxiety apps that you can download on your Android device and get rid of the stress and anxiety, which are the reason for most of the health and mental diseases that you can find in people today.


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