Android vs iOS- Which one does Better Face Recognition?

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Gone are the days when you would type a long password that sometimes you yourself forget. Face recognition is not only important when you click a selfie using a Snapchat or an Instagram filter, but it’s an integral part of your device’s security system. Face recognition in android and iOS is something that has been under constant development because of the competition between the two.

If you have better face recognition, your device is better protected. You may hesitate to use face recognition as your security component because of the fact that it can be easy manipulated. This will force you to type passwords every time you try to open your device, which is can be called complicated because we are living in 2017!


To compare face recognition in android and in iOS, let’s consider the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone 8. On September 2nd, developer Mel Tajon shared a video through his Twitter account to demonstrate face recognition flaws in Samsung Galaxy Note 8. From the video, you can understand that you don’t really need the actual face of the owner of the phone to unlock the device, a picture of him would do the work.

Now why is this so scary? If the person who steals your device or want to go through your device knows who you are, they can simply get a photograph of yours from any of your social media accounts like Instagram or Facebook and unlock your device. All they need to do is to show the picture of yours in his phone for face detection. The problem of the face recognition in android is that it’s 2D.

The new iPhone 8 has an edge over face recognition in android because they use 3D face recognition technology from Israeli company Realface which. Apple acquired Realface in mid February this year.  This will allow the device to differentiate between a real face and a picture that is 2D. Realface claims that their face recognition is 99.67% accurate and it is anti-spoof in their website, before it was taken down.

What’s next in store

As iPhone8 is becoming a new boom in the market, with new3D face recognition technology that replaced the traditional touch ID in iPhones, Qualcomm suggests that they are going to come up with something better. Qualcomm, who are the chipmakers for many android devices, said that they are going to introduce infrared 3D sensing through their latest Snapdragon processor by next year.

With so much of competition going around, we can expect face recognition to be more and more accurate in the coming years. Also read Best Filters: Instagram vs Snapchat


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