Android Tips & Tricks: Android Accessibility Tricks That You Should Know

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When it comes to unlimited customizations and tweaking options, the Android operating system stands second to none. The OS provides great customization options that let users tweak their device the way they want to. If you use an Android device, then chances are you might have known some of the customization options available and you might also have tried different skins, launchers and various other things that let you customize your device. However, there are certain Android tips related to customization which you might know nothing about. These customizations are possible through the accessibility settings that can allow you many things that you might’ve not known of.

Hidden Android tips and tricks for customization using accessibility settings

You can find accessibility settings in the Settings menu. Just browse to Setting on your Android phone, and then under the System menu, you’ll find the Accessibility settings as shown in the picture below.

android tips

Once you’ve found the accessibility settings, here’s a list of Android tips that you should use and know about:

Text to speech

There’s a good chance that you already know about this accessibility option already since this is quite popular among the Android users. Turning this option on will basically turn your Android smartphone into a device that reads out all the text that you want to. Test to speech option is a boon for people who are always busy with their hands and it’s also a great feature for people who are visually impaired. To get started with this feature all you need to do is just find the Text-to-speech output option and enable it.


Magnification Gestures

Wouldn’t that be great if you could zoom in to your entire screen like you do on the images? Well, this is what this accessibility feature is all about. This option lets you zoom into the screen of your device with just a triple tap gesture on the screen and smae goes for the zooming out option as well. You can use this feature in many ways and if you have some viewing problems with the small texts and fonts, you can use this feature to good effect.

android tips

Hang up with power button

This is an option that is already enabled by default on the iOS devices. However, you have to manually turn it on in the accessibility setting if you’re using an Android smartphone. This one of the most useful Android tips as it allows your to cut calls just by pressing the power button. All you need to do is just opes the accessibility settings and then turn the “power button end calls” option on, and there you go the feature is turned on on your Android device. This feature could be of much use when you’re in meetings or are driving.

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Invert colors/Color adjustments

If you’re not happy with the default colors that your device comes with, then this option is for you. The accessibility settings allow you to invert the colors of your device. Once you select this option you’ll see that all the colors are inverted in your device. Some Android devices also come with the options of color adjustments in the accessibility settings, which means you can adjust the colors of your Android manually and set them to what you like. This is a great option for people who love customizing their Android devices.


If you have some visual impairments and constantly have problems while going through your phone without your lenses or glasses, then there’s more than one reason for using this feature called TalkBack. Enabling this accessibility feature actually provides you access to a virtual voice that speaks out whatever options you select or tap on the screen of your phone. This feature is a boon for people having an Android phone with a broken screen, as long as the touchscreen works. Explore by Touch is similar to TalkBack, and these settings come with a wide range of useful features that could be quite useful to you.

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Interaction controls

This feature in Samsung Android phones can be accessed through the accessibility settings or by pressing the Volume Down and Home button. It allows you to turn off the stock motion gestures such as picking up calls and taking screenshots, along with turning the screen timeout on or off.But the craziest feature of the interaction control is that it allows you to block touch response on a specific part of the screen, such as the area of the status bar, the notification shade, and others. This feature is also available on OEM Android devices like the LG G3 as Touch Control Areas.

These are some of the best Accessibility settings related Android tips and tricks that you should know about. Have you tried all of them? if yes, tell us how do you feel about them and if not please do try them and comment down if you like them or not.


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