Using an Old Android Phone to Build a Chromecast Remote

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Google Chromecast lets you watch any video by launching it using devices, like your phone, laptop, or tablet. While that’s a great shift from using the traditional remotes to operate, it could be even better to have a device that’s wholly dedicated to operating as a remote. So, let’s see what’re the steps you can take to convert your old Android phone to a full-time Chromecast remote.

Step 1: Get rid of all the apps

When you decide to convert your old phone into Chromecast remote, you obviously wouldn’t want all the other apps to take up space. Plus, useless apps would make the home screen look all cluttered and defeat the very purpose of a full-time remote. So, any app that has nothing to do with Chromecast can be deleted. An easy way of doing this is to open settings and go to “downloaded apps” and delete all the apps.

There are some apps that are inbuilt. You can’t really get rid of them by uninstalling. So, at most, you can disable the app by opening the app in the settings and selecting “disable” option. After you do this, your home-screen will be a clean slate and your phone won’t have any useless apps eating up battery.

Step 2: Delete your accounts from the phone

When you use a phone as Chromecast remote, the phone doesn’t have to have a Gmail account or any account for that matter. And since you might have personal information in your account, it’s best to desynchronize all your accounts and further clear your phone. You can do this by opening settings, and select any option that is related to the user account, account sync, etc, and disable the auto sync option.

Chromecast Remote

Step 3: Disabling connectivity that’s not required

Again, when your phone is connected to unrequired connections and GPS, it exhausts your phone’s battery. This is why you should also disable all the unwanted connectivity. There’s not a lot you have to do. Hitting the airplane mode will cut off all the connections. You can still turn the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on when your phone is on airplane mode.

After turning the airplane mode, go to the settings and wifi section, and select the advanced settings for it. There, select “never” for the option of keeping wi-fi on during sleep.

Step 4: Disable any lock pattern or pin

Since you have already deleted and disabled all the apps and accounts from your phone, it has nothing to be secured with a password. To make operating your phone better as a remote, go to the settings, security, and disable the existing screen-lock.

Additional Things For Your Chromecast Remote

You can use the battery saving mode of your phone to save more battery. You can also disable background activity. In short, do everything to save battery. You can also attach a more powerful battery to your phone. Now that you’re done with this, it’s time for you to customize your phone’s home-screen and make it look like a cool digital remote! You can download different launchers to make your screen looks like you want. Keep apps that you need the most in the app dock at the bottom.

Use the Google Home app to browse the videos you want to watch on the Chromecast enabled apps. You can keep installing other video apps as you find them. Keeping these video apps on the home-screen is best. Now that you’ve taken all the steps to change your old Android phone to your Chromecast remote, sit back and enjoy watching movies, sports, and videos that you want to.


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