8 Best Health and Fitness Apps For Every Android User

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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is almost impossible today with the fast paced lifestyle we follow. Good food, Good sleep, and enough exercise can benefit your body and mind, both alike.  So we’ve come up with 8 best health and fitness apps that would work on your android phone like your guide to a healthy lifestyle.

Often we lose ourselves so deep in our professional and social life that we often fail to give enough attention to our personal needs. These apps would remind you to take care of you as well as record your improvements. You can analyze your lifestyle and habits for yourself, with these apps.

This is one app everybody needs to have since it tracks your calorie and helps you stay fit. If you’re trying to lose weight, then this app would surely be of great help since it will keep you high on motivation. You can have your own customized personal avatar who will change according to your changes.

The app reminds you to drink water, to prepare healthy snacks, and to do your daily exercise. The app let’s you keep a customized avatar who will motivate you along with some other pictures and quotes. We know that losing weight or staying fit requires a lot of motivation and will power. My Diet Coach is going to make that much easier for you. Eating right is one among the basic requirements to good health and that’s why this app is on the top of our list of Best Health and Fitness Apps.

Complete daily tasks put forward by the app and earn healthy lifestyle points. These tasks would be to eat good or drink more water. Also, the app gives you tips and tricks on how to control your cravings and how to overcome laziness when you want to work out. These healthy lifestyle points can be used to buy stuff to dress up your virtual avatar.

My Diet Coach is free to download on your android phone. However, you can buy the upgraded version which will help you lose more weight. It will help you when you panic because you’re craving for something. It also gets you a BMI calculator, water consumption tracker, diet diary, bar code scanner, and calorie counter.

  • Healthy Out

Eating out is fun and unavoidable if you need to keep up with your social life. You don’t want to be left out just because you’re on a diet or because you don’t want to eat unhealthy fast food. Healthy out is an android app that will help you find good restuarants who serve not just yummy, but healthy food which is why it is in our list of Best Health and Fitness Apps.

If you’ve ever tried to maintain a diet, you would know how hard it is to curb your instincts and cravings. And sometimes it’s okay to let it lose a bit if you’re eating right food. The app sorts out meals and restuarants around you according to your craving, calorie limit, and other dietary parameters. Unfortunately, this app is available only in the US right now.

  • Moves

When it comes to dieting or eating only healthy food without giving in to your cravings, the beginnings are the hardest. This is why instead of directly hitting the gym or putting yourself down on a strict diet which will depress you both physically and mentally, it is important that you take tiny little baby steps into fitness. Moves is an app that automatically records your movements over time making it one among the Best Health and Fitness Apps.

Moves keeps track of how many steps have you walked, cycled, and where are the places you’ve traveled, so that you can keep track of your physical activities throughout the day. Since, you do walk around everyday a bit, you can incorporate daily healthy habits like walking, cycling, playing games with your friends in the evenings, or attending a dance class. Also, you can keep track of how many calories you lose with the help of these routine exercises.

  • Zipongo

Zipongo is an app that will help you record all your food related preferences and specifications like allergies and strong dislikes. It makes your life easier by helping you create grocery lists according to your food and diet preferences and it also helps you to order them online.

In the premium version of this app, you get features like high level personalization in which you can use information of your biometrics and genetics. You get meal suggestions if you’re in a particular cafeteria and you get recipes based of what is there in your kitchen! Isn’t that a life saver?

  • Water Time Pro: Drink Reminder

If you don’t drink enough water, you may be risking your health in many ways. Drinking enough water is the easiest way to stay fit and have healthy skin. Unfortunately, we get so busy sometimes that we forget to do this simple task. That is why apps like Water Time Pro has to be installed in your smartphone.

Water Time Pro calculates how much water you need to drink a day and keeps track of how much you drink. This app is simple, but definitely has to be among one of those apps you download for your health tracking. This app is definitely among Best Health and Fitness Apps.

  • Fitstar

Now what you need is an app that will keep you fit at a higher level, through daily exercise. You can choose a plan that fits your lifestyle and which you think you can follow according to your fitness goals. It includes step by step tutorials and instructions to set a daily workout routine. This app also gives you tips and motivational messages to keep you on track.

You just need 7 to 50 minutes a day to get the shape of your body back and stay fit. Balloon shaped tummies and saggy manchests are fine, but staying fit will help you stay healthy and improve your confidence. With the help of Chromecast support, you can watch the tutorials on the big screen while you working and you can use your phone as the remote control.

  • Lumosity

Everything that needs to keep you physically healthy are mentioned above. For example, eating right, drinking a lot water, and exercising well are the things to keep your body in sound condition. Mental health is something as important as your physical health and it has been overlooked a lot in different societies. Lumosity is an app that will help you improve your memory, attentiveness, and much more that trains your brain.

It gets to you games to challenge your core cognitive abilities. These games are carefully curated and designed to draw patterns of your strengths and weaknesses. A clear understanding of these patterns would help your improve your cognitive abilities. In a world where people work not a lot different than machines, this app is a necessity.

  • Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock is an app that will wake you up at your lightest phase of sleep by using its intelligence. This is very important because waking up at lighter phases of sleep will keep you active and fresh throughout the day. It puts into function a sensitive accelerometer that will analyze your sleeping patterns. This will help you understand if you got a good night’s sleep or you were just tossing side to side whole night.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock is important because it will wake you up in the best way! Starting your day with a bright smile is a wonderful feeling. Your sleep can determine your activeness and your crankiness throughout the day. This is why you need to have this smart alarm installed n your phone. This app is surely is one among the Best Health and Fitness Apps.

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