5 best professional video editing software 2017 You Can Use

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When you make a video and intend to do so for an audience, you have to make sure it’s perfect. That being the case, you can’t just shoot the video and upload it for the audience. In fact, shooting a video is just half the task. Once done with shooting it, you have to make it presentable. This is where you need a professional video editing means. Since affordability is another big concern, you can use some of the video editing software that are good at the job. So, all you need to know about is 5 best professional video editing software 2017 

5 best professional video editing software 2017

5 best professional video editing software 2017

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a video editing software that was created by Adobe Systems. There are a number of features that this software uses to help you edit your videos and make them better. Here’s a list of those features that make it one of 5 best professional video editing software 2017. It lets you carry out professional video editing. There are a number of features that you’d find in Adobe Premiere Pro.  

  • After Effects- You can import compositions from Adobe After Effects and then play back on Adobe Premiere Pro. You can even modify the Adobe After Effects compositions, and the changes in the clip will be updated when you switch to Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Adobe Story, OnLocation and Prelude- Using these features, you can first create the script in Adobe Story and then pass it to Adobe OnLocation. This lets you attach metadata to the footage, from the script. Also, the audio and dialogues can be matched through speech recognition.
  • Photoshop- You can open Adobe Premiere Pro files in Photoshop and edit. Any changes made during editing will automatically be updated in Premiere Pro when you close the file in photoshop.

Download Link For Adobe Premiere Pro: Click Here

Director Suite 6

Director Suite is another professional video editing tool that has 4 applications within it that help you edit. Following are those 4 applications.

  • Power Director- You can carry out a 360-degree video editing using this application. You can even create video collage, where you can bring together up to 7 videos in one frame. Then, you have features, like True Theatre Technologies, Action Camera Center, vertical video editing, etc. that are a part of this application.
  • Photo Director- Again, using this application you get 360-degree photo editing. While this is for photo editing, you can choose to make subtle changes and bringing a bit of motion in the picture.
  • Color Director- When you edit your video, you can adjust the tone of your video with a single click. This intelligent feature identifies what correction has to be made, saving your efforts. Using this application, you can adjust the graininess of the video and reduce color noise. If your shots have haze or fog, you can de-haze them.

Download Link For Director Suite 6: Click Here

Edius Pro 8

Edius Pro 8 has been made keeping in mind the need to edit videos for documentaries and 4k theatrical productions.

  • Using Edius 8 enables editing files of various resolutions from 24 x 24 to 4k x 2k.
  • It supports all the latest formats of files.
  • It offers multicam editing where you can edit about 16 different sources at the same time.
  • It supports various third-party hardware, like that from Matron, AJA, and Blackmagic design.

Download Link For Edius Pro 8: Click Here

Media Composer 8.9

This newer version of Media Composer is one of the 5 best professional video editing software 2017. It offers a number of features which are listed below.

  • Dupe Detection- While dupe detection was a feature only meant for videos in the earlier version,  now this feature lets you find out duplicate audio frames and tracks of data as well.
  • Trimming-  From how people talk about it, seems like Media Composer offers best trim mode than any software. Media Composer uses great tools aiding FCP- style timeline editing.
  • Script Integration-  Unlike most software using copy-paste technique for integrating script, this one offers a different way. You can link the text of the dialogue and clips using ScriptSync.

Download Link For Media Composer 8.9: Click Here 

Hit Film 4 Express

Nowadays a lot of YouTubers and indie filmmakers have started using Hit Film for its colorful and fresh looks. What makes it even more popular is that fact that it has a free version that draws a number of users.

  • Using Hit Film 4 Express, you can edit with 2D as well as 3D effects compositing. You get a wide range of transitions and visual effects (about 180).
  • The tabs have been made such that they are self-explanatory, meaning you will take really less time getting accustomed to it. The home screen has a number of tweets and videos. Then you have Project, Export, Edit, and various other tabs that are meant for the whole process of editing.
  • The newer version of Hit Film (that is free) has included certain features that were only available for the Pro version. Now you can witness and make use of features, like action cam lens-distort, lightning, end-credits crawls, and much more.

Download Link For Hit Film 4 Express: Click here





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