3 Paranormal apps that will detect unnatural presence around you

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Have you ever felt that you’re being watched or followed by things that you cannot see? It’s not an uncommon thing for people to get scared and imagine things, but we cannot deny that there are supernatural forces. Even though there are no evidences or scientific proofs for most of the paranormal apps we get to download on Google Play store and App Store, the developers of some of these apps claim that they are real.

To add on to a normal user’s suspicion about the legitimacy of these apps, there are reviews from people who have used them. Even though many of these people say that the app didn’t really work for them, there are many others who claim to have interacted with spirits through these apps.

We’ve tried to download these apps and check if they’re only for entertainment purpose or if they can be of any use. Here are the top 3 paranormal apps which we found legit enough to share with you. We cannot say that these apps can detect ghosts all the time, but based on the reviews and our own experiences, we can say that these apps work fine when it comes to detection of unnatural electromagnetic waves.

EVP Recorder

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EVP Recorder is an app by Spotted: Ghosts that turns your smartphone into an EVP recorder. Before knowing that you should know about EVP. EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomena which are electronic recordings that are used to interpret the voices of spirits. The concept of EVP is debatable, and psychologists think of them as random interpreting of voices in one’s own languages. Which means that psychologists do not believe in them.

Some people consider EVP recordings and hoaxes are things to fool others. Many apps available are only meant for entertainment purpose and to prank others. However, a lot of people including ghost hunters say that some of the apps available for your smartphones are legit and useful when it comes to detection of paranormal presence.

This recorder does EVP recording and saves them as 3gp files on your device. You can find them in a folder named “SpottedGhosts” and can share them with your friends. The important thing to be noted over here is that a lot of things regarding apps like this are subjective. You might get a feeling that something is trying to connect to you but the app doesn’t show any signs. So, have patience and wait for it.

SGK1- Ghost Hunting Kit

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This is again, another app by Spotted: Ghosts. The developer claims that this app is an “all in one” kit since it includes an EMF detector, an EVP recorder, and an S3G Spirit Box. If your smartphone has a magnetometer, it uses the sensor to detect the EMF changes and readings. If your phone doesn’t have it, then this feature will not work on your phone.

A spirit box, also known as a ghost box or Frank’s box is a device that uses radio frequency to connect with ghosts and spirits. According to theories, spirits manipulate the energy around us to move around objects or talk to us. To encourage this, spirit boxes are used. They produce white noise that can be manipulated by the spirits to talk to us.

The EVP recorder helps you record your entire spirit box session. It can also record the voices around you on its own, without a spirit box. Did you ever feel like someone is trying to communicate with you but they are not able to? well, try this app and you might get to know what they want to tell you.

Ghost Radar: Classic paranormal apps

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Ghost Radar Classic by Spud Pickles is one of those paranormal apps that stands out from all the other apps because it doesn’t misguide you when there are sudden changes in energy levels which may not be due to paranormal activity. It is designed in a way that is smart enough to detect when there are energy level changes in interesting patterns, which are the signs of paranormal presence.

The app includes voice detection so that it can let you know when there’s something interesting being said by someone or “something” interesting. Lol! scared already? if not try out this app for sure tonight.

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