13 Best Android Camera App of 2018-2019: Untold Secret to Capture Wonderful Pics

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Today’s the generation where the best cameras for Android are valued more than the DSLR cameras. All thanks to the smartphone manufacturers who have made it easy to access the best android camera app (or apps) on smartphones with a single tap. Every Android phone, being released, today are equipped with a camera, making people rely on it instead of carrying a separate camera.

Nowadays, people preferably probe on the camera qualities of a brand while purchasing any smartphone. Because of this, mobile manufacturers are chomping at the bit to render the best HD camera app for Android phones. They strive to annex more features to the camera to make it more reliable and work better in the low-light.

However, there are certain OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) who produce the best Android camera app considerably for photography. For instance, sometimes, it may not be possible to shoot a quality video using the default camera app on the phone. Hence, OEM’s release exclusive app for the best video recording app for Android to help Youtubers and short filmmakers.

Apart from capturing the videos and photos, they are also configured with other fascinating features which you can obtain only from third-party apps.

Fortunately, there are a plethora of such best Android camera apps on Play Store having significant photography features that aid you to capture the picture you yearn for.

So, here are the 13 best Android camera app chosen from the Google Play Store depending on their salient features and user ratings.

The Best Android Camera Apps

1. Sweet Camera – Face Filter, Selfie and Photo Editor (4.7*)

The sweet camera is the best sweet camera selfie expert for capturing pictures and making collages. It’s the top-rated camera and beauty editor on the Google Play store. The core features of it possess live funny stickers; real-time beautify effects, selfie editor, collage maker, face filters, and face swapping. With beauty sweet camera you can add natural skin-toned, body reshape and exquisite face, adjust the skin tone, whiten and smoothen your face within your pictures. With many editor options like candy selfie editors, makeup beauty editor, etc., Sweet camera stands atop as the best Android camera app in 2018-2019.sweet camera

2. Sweet Selfie – Live Photo Beauty cam and Selfie Edit (4.6*)

Sweet selfie HD camera app for Android was released in 2016, and within no time it became the best Android camera app of 2016. Since then, it has been the best camera app for Android free download. Approximately, 1000,000,000 users capture their picture with Sweet Selfie.

The elegant features of sweet selfie consist of exclusive stickers, smart auto beautify, trendy filters, startling blur, retro and vignette effects.

Recently, the Sweet selfie app developers have added more features to the section of stickers with dogs and cats. The other fashionable addition is the addition of tattoos, wings, hairstyle, etc. stickers. This app gets constant updates with new features in the makeup styles too, making it a reliably best video recording app for Android as well.Sweet Selfie

3. B612 – Beauty and Filter Camera (4.4*)

With more than 5 million downloads on the Google Play Store, B612- Beauty camera is undoubtedly a best HD camera app for Android. This app is configured with 43 advanced filters and formatting options designed primarily for taking selfies. It also aids you to capture quality video with audio support. The principal features include collaging photos, single touch capture on the screen, and automatically applies the best filter on the unfiltered picture. It doesn’t save the photos unless you permit, which helps you take multiple photos until you get the satisfactory click (saves the memory by not saving unwanted photos).B612 Camera

4. Cymera – Camera, Photo, Editor and Filter (4.4*)

Cymera is the camera app on the Google Play store with more than 100 million downloads. It’s a best Android camera app for the users who often go tripping and capturing minute objects or living things. The fascinating thing about Cymera is that it has seven various kinds of camera stabilizer, camera lenses, a timer, and silent mode which help you capture any picture quietly and perfectly.

Cymera is a very exclusive app and features with attributes that any user will fall for such as smart gallery, photo editing tools, body reshaping, multiple filters, etc. Cymera supports 12 different languages across the globe. This camera app is developed by SK communications and is available for all Android versions of current period (Android 2.03 and on).cymera camera

5. Beauty Plus – Selfie Camera and Editor (4.4*)

Name of the app itself pretty much describes its qualities. Multiple features in it make Beauty Plus a best Android camera app. The chief characteristics of Beauty Plus include perfect eye and skin editor. Skin editor helps you get radiant complexion by eliminating the pimple, blemishes, or any other skin-related issues visible on the picture. Perfect eyes enable to assist you to efface bags and dark circles present under your eyes (hypothetical assumptions). It also allows you to change the color of your eyes to match the hair and skin. It will make your eyes look beautiful and bright.

Apart from it, it also comes with features like face recognition, perfect smile, perfect lighting, automatic retouch, and magic brush. It has a fantastic user interface and easy to use the facility.Beauty plus

6. Open Camera – Free and No Ads (4.3*)

The open camera is the most light-weight (low memory sized) camera app among the best HD camera app for Android, which is suitable for Android phones and tablets. It’s an open source application which comes with multiple features requisite for a camera. The principal features of open camera possess auto-stabilizer, focus mode, and scene mode. It’s also the best video recording app for Android, as it has manual remote controls, HDR, customizable volume keys, external microphone support, file size compression, geotagging of videos and photos, and dynamic range optimization. Furthermore, Graphics User Interface is systematically optimized for right and left-handed users. All these excellent features undoubtedly make ‘Open Camera’ a best Android camera app.Open Camera

7. Camera Zoom FX – Free (4.3*)

Camera zoom app is another best camera app for Android free download on Google Play store. In this, you can access and command things like shutter speed, exposure, and ISO (International Organization for Standardization – It controls the sensitivity ratings of camera sensors. In the context of camera zoom FX, you can manually control the ISO).

Using camera zoom FX, you may acquire stable shots, photo composition, action shots, photo filters, etc. The chief features of it include live effects, spy camera, speed burst mode, voice activation, and HDR Pro mode, etc. The camera zoom FX is available for free on Play store with other useful plugins for it. It also has a premium version as Camera Zoom FX Premium which you can use paying $3.49.Camera Zoom Fx

8. Camera MX – Free Photo and Video Camera (4.3*)

Camera MX is one of the old apps still popular on the chart of Google Play store, all thanks to the regular updates by the developers. It provides various modes of shooting while capturing a picture. It renders your complete command over resolution and clear visuals to get you perfect images. It allows you to produce animated videos and photos and tweak with frames, filters, etc. to get an exclusively edited image.

The salient features of it includes making GIF’s of your own, live shots, and ‘Shoot the Past’ mode where you can choose the perfect moment in a pic after you capture it. However, make it a note that if you are looking for serious photography, you may have to choose any above options for the best HD camera app for Android.Camera MX

9. Retrica – A beautiful camera app (4.3*)

Retrica is the best Android camera app developed by South Koreans and used in over 200 countries around the world. Retrica is a massive camera app containing significant tools to capture pictures, personalize and send them to your friends and family. Retrica has 100+ filters to choose a pic from. Additionally, you can access the filters in real time. It means you can try out all the filters to select the best one to take your photo.

It also has a vintage and retro editing facility to make your face look awesome. It also allows you to take videos, GIFs, and collage your videos and photos. These features make Retrica the best video recording app for Android. It also renders hundreds of stickers to stylize your photos. Retrica allows you to send messages to your other friends on Retrica and follow their chronological feed. This is like a virtual Instagram app.Retrica Camera

10. Camera 360 – Selfie Photo Editor with Funny Sticker (4.3*)

Camera 360 is a best HD camera app for Android with over 800 million users around the globe. It boasts of professional tools and funny stickers, art filters, motion stickers, video effects and poster templates. Other features of camera 360 include photo editor pro, cartoon effects and customizable filters, photo grid and photo collage, starry night, anime sky, and Virtual Portrait features. Using camera 360, you can give a plethora of filters to your pics to get a different posture, unique frames, and a lot of funny memes which makes it a best Android camera app on Google play store.camera 360

11. Candy Camera – Selfie and Beauty Camera (4.4*)

Candy camera is one of the best Android camera app which assists in capturing better photos. The app comes with a cluster of stickers, face slimming effects, makeup tools, etc.

It also allows you to take snapshots and make a collage of numerous photos taken. On the serious note, if you’re a professional photography geek, this isn’t the right app for you. However, it’s efficient enough to satisfy the normal users who love taking photos for personal use.candy camera

12. Lightroom CC Mobile (4.3*)

Lightroom CC mobile is a free photoshop app released by Adobe. It provides you with magnificent capturing and easy to edit and shareable options. Capture and edit mode of Adobe Photoshop for mobile have several exquisite features. In the capture mode, you’ll never miss a shot from the camera, DNG raw format capture facility, HDR mode, and non-destructive editing.

In the editing mode (I hope you know that Photoshop is popular for its editing efficiency), you can edit the photos within seconds with preset tools. It also assists with advanced tools to change contrast, color, tone, and exposure. Using Lightroom, you may edit large files (photos) and acquire consistently perfectly looks. It’s considered as one of the best Android camera apps for the professional photography geeks.lightroom

13. Footej Camera (4.3*)

Footej is the newest Android camera app available on the Google Play store. It comes with seriously mainstream photography features in it. It has an alluring User Interface and allows you to take mind-blowing high-quality pictures and videos.

Footej uses camera 2 API of Android phones that support API and allows you to access shutter speed control, burst mode, manual ISO (International Organization for Standardization), slow-motion video recording, raw format pics, animated GIF, etc. It integrates into the phone gallery itself making it the human-friendly best HD camera app for Android.Footej Camera

Concluding on the best Android camera app

If you are committed to capturing visually subtle pictures from your smartphone, then you are most likely to find a plethora of best Android camera app for your cell phone. There are hundreds of camera apps, apart from above mentioned ‘the best 13 camera apps for Android phone’.  Each of these apps is different from the other, and they have their straightness and weakness. Their relative quality also varies timely, based upon whether their features cope up with latest Android version updates or take advantage of particular smartphones with their uniqueness. The positive thing about these apps is that they are all available for free on the Google play store and doesn’t cost more than $5 for the premium versions. So, I hope it’s not a bad idea to experiment with these apps one by one and find out which is the best HD camera app for Android version of your phone.

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