Top 5 Best Android Developers of the World

Today’s world has turned very digital and compact with blessings of high quality Android Developers. Applications and good software have been dominating the minds of many. And why not? After all, world is turning technologically updated with each passing day. The good news that the Android App market is booming with companies competing to deliver to the world the best applications in terms of utilities, games, books or services. The android developers and app developers are constantly coming up with new ideas to make life easier for people and to give them ways to simplify their lives.

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From applications which help you to know how much calories are burnt to giving you a constant update on the stock market, there is an app for everything an individual requires. There are large number of apps which are strategically developed by app developers especially for the daily use and convenience of the users. However, there are several companies that ace the race today. Here is a list of Top 5 android app developers of the world-

Best Five Android Developers of the world

Best Android Developers

Top 5 Android Developers of the World

1. Sourcebits

Since 2006, Sourcebits has come up with more than 600 apps for the android market. They focus on innovative mobile business strategies, lovely looking design, agility in app development, distinguishing marketing and management. From top to bottom, i.e. from the ideation of an app to the creation and promotion of it in the market, Sourcebits does it all. They have a team of more than 200 employees, including award winning designers, engineers with immense talents across various fields and also experts in the area of marketing and strategies. They also conduct workshops and offer consultative all-round approach. They refine ideas and aim to develop apps with a lifetime success. The app developers at Sourcebits realise and understand what an individual actually requires from the applications. They are also very open to the feedbacks and comments which the users may give.

Best Android Developers of the world

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2. MobisoftInfotech LLC

A smartphone application development company, Mobisoft is based in Houston and specializes in developing apps for Android, Blackberry and iOS. The app developers have a portfolio of more than 240 applications to their name so far. Their team has immense experience in Software development as well as innovative and specific target product development. The Mobisoft team comprises of experts who are pretty much well-versed in all areas of development, practice ethics, and popular out of the box technologies. Mobisoft has gained a large amount of trust from the masses and therefore cater to the needs of the people and connect to them with the medium of applications very easily. This company has clients like Deloitte, Rice University, Midtown Athletic Club, People Power Company Palo Alto and more such popular companies.

Best Android developers of the world

3. Appster

With offices based in San Francisco, Melbourne and India, Appster is a firm which holds one of the best android developers who are engaged in full scale development of applications for mobiles. They focus more on building a business rather than just an app. They have more than 250 employees. Millions of dollars have been raised by their clients in Venture Capital. One of their clients was listed as a potential billion dollar start-up and was also awarded the ‘Best Startup’ by Richard Branson. Their apps include those that garnered 14 million downloads and more 1 million a month revenue. They believe in providing a platform to those who have an idea, startup firms and entrepreneurs. They have clients like People’s Choice Credit Union, Liberal Party Australia, Anglicare and many more.

Appstar- Best Android developer

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4. Intellectsoft

A leading provider of mobile software development service, Intellectsoft was found in 2007 and has become a popular developer company instantly. They have offices in different parts of the world such as Silicon Valley, London, Minsk and Oslo. This allows their customers to have a local development team easily accessible. It also leads to cost-effective services along with innovation. The android developers at this firm put in a lot of personal effort and thought into each project to provide the most innovative apps and games for mobiles and tablets. They work with complete transparency with their clients where their team of experts, designers, developers and analysts discuss the project with the client in great detail. They have created award winning projects for companies like E&Y, Universal Pictures, Land Rover, Oxford University Press, Jaguar and the likes. They have a profound passion for quality, expertise and skills, which enables them to handle even complex projects with ease.

Top 5 Android developers of the world

5. Techahead

A company with global reach, Techahead is a firm specializing in mobile consulting, design and development. Their creation of apps has led to success stories of both Fortune 1000 companies and startups. The android developers know the ideology and the demand of the applications pretty much well and thus work accordingly. They ideate a particular app and nurture it till it develops into something substantial. They have created popular apps in all areas and across various platforms. Their clients include Clutch, Red Herring, Audi, ESPN F1 and many more. They have a record of developing complex apps and high quality Android Apps. They go into details of the project to make sure the app is perfect in all possible ways. They are humble in their approach and aim to create revolutionizing apps in future.

Top 5 best Android developers

Apart from these, there are many more Android developers and application creating companies engaged in the development of software for Android and other platforms. These companies very well realise the basic fact which goes on to prove that the needs and desires keep changing from time to time. Also, there have been revolutionary changes in the expectations of the users too. People today, are expecting the world in their pocket through the medium of applications and the android developers today understand that. Although there are more note-worthy companies too, all of them, including the aforementioned 5 companies are in close competition with each other. Android market and the field of development are on tremendous hike right and everyone aims to give the field its best.

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