Top 25 Best Free Android Apps of 2015

There is no denying that the IT industry is booming with developers designing millions of applications each year. So it’s really difficult to choose best free Android Apps among them. From roughly measuring your body vitals to every possible kind of game you can imagine, the android market is flooding with apps for every minute thing in life. There are reminder apps to drink water, there are pedometer apps, there are apps for stock markets, business strategies, music downloader apps and the list goes on infinitely. After publishing list of Navigation Apps for Android Phones, we think it’s high time now to analyze and prepare an epic list of some of the most popular free Android Apps of recent times at this article.

Free Android Apps

25 Free Android Apps of 2015

Play Store has simplified the search process of the apps best suited for you by dividing everything into neat categories. The apps which are made available to people are free android apps which are free, quick to download and very convenient for users. are The main categories are – Editor’s picks, Top Free, Top Grossing, Featured and Best Selling, and Top Paid. However, this still does not simplify the process of choosing the perfect apps that would make your life easier. Thus, we have come up with some of the best free Android apps that are most useful to most users!

BBC Weather – First and foremost, this application is most important when you have a holiday to plan. It gives accurate meteorological predictions, making it easier for you to plan your days in advance. This saves you a lot of trouble caused due to unsure rains or summer heat strokes.

Free Android Apps

Easyjet – Booking flight tickets can be a real pain sometimes. Easyjet allows you to book your tickets on the go and also gives you a barcode boarding pass to be shown at the check-in desk. Such  free android apps like these can even make your flight bookings a delightful experience.

Top Free Android Apps

Dropbox – The most essential and one of the highly preferred top free android apps for anyone who struggles daily with different devices, dropbox is a universal cloud storage facility. Once you put your data in your dropbox account, you can access it on any device you want.

Best Android Apps

Whatsapp – Undeniably the most popular application today, Whatsapp has a global audience of infinite users. It is the latest form of quick communication which allows you to share chats, media files and even GPS locations with your contacts. It is a must-have as it is an extremely useful application which is also one of the best free android apps available in the stocks today.

Best Free Android Apps

Instagram – A viral social media platform that is still expanding every day, Instagram is for the amateur photographers as well as those who love clicking selfies and showcasing them to the world. The app allows you to post pictures of anything and everything under the sun.

Free Apps for Android

Apex Launcher Pro – by having a new launcher on your phone, you almost have a brand new-looking phone. It allows you to change your home screen appearance as per how you see it fit. It is the oldest and most popular launcher and deserve a place in best android apps list.

Best Free Apps for Android

Soundhound – A perfect music companion for those who love exploring new music, Soundhound allows you to record a sound clip and search the music online.

Top Free Apps for Android

Drupe – Drupe lets you manage your contact and messaging apps in one place. The contacts are listed on the left and messaging apps are on the right. Thus, when you want to use a particular app to contact a particular contact, just drag the contact on the app icon and you’re directed to the app. This app is really one of the highest downloads in the section of free android apps.

25 Free Android Apps

Vine – It is a popular online video community where you can upload a video and share it with other viners. However, each vine video is only 6 seconds long and thus, browsing through multiple videos will take hardly any time.

25 Best Free Android Apps

Greenify – Greenify is utmost useful and one of the most suitable Top android apps if your work requires you to be on the go most of the time. This app automatically hibernates the unrequired apps which allows extends your phone’s battery life by a couple of hours at the least.

25 top Android Apps

Autodesk Pixlr – if you are an amateur photographer who loves editing images taken on your phone, then this app is perfect you. It allows you to edit pictures just like you would on a desktop.

Top Android Apps

Audible for Android – Most book lovers fail to make time for reading from their busy schedules. However, Audible for Android lets a user listen to audiobooks easily and wherever they want. It has multiple genre categories and gives a nice book reading experience. This application ranks first in the best free android apps section.

Top 25 Free Android Apps

Inbox by Gmail – It allows you to store similar emails together, create reminders, saves important emails at the top for easy access and gives you a highlight of the content so you don’t have to open the email actually if it’s not important.

Top 25 Free Android Apps

Pocket – the best app so far, Pocket allows you to save any online content in the app and you can view it later, even when you’re offline.

Top 25 Best Android Apps

Facebook Messenger – Facebook allows you to communicate with people with whom you haven’t associated in years. Thus, if they message you on FB, you shouldn’t miss it only because you’re not online that time. Messenger delivers all your Facebook messages on your phone to ease your communication. This application is one of the highest downloads as it is rated very well under the title free android apps.

Top 25 Free Android Apps

E.S File Explorer – The best file managing app of all times, E.S file explorer easily takes care of your downloaded data, music files and images.

Best 25 Android Apps

Helium – Helium app allows you to backup all your data efficiently in one place. This prevents loss of any data in the future. This is a completely safe and a secure way to create a backup for all necessary documents and files.

Best Free Android Apps

Microsoft Office Mobile – With this you can finally edit your word documents and excel sheets on your phone. It has to be a great relief for the working population. Apart from being very easy to use it is also number one amongst the working crowds.

Top Free Android Apps List

Feedly – Feedly keeps you updated with constant stream of news from around the world. This app brings the headlines right on the screen and reminds you constantly to check the update. This application is the app which is highly downloaded and popular under the sections of free android apps.

Free Android Apps List

Google Keep – Just like Post-its, Google Keeps is a efficient app to keep reminders for work schedules and social life too.

25 Free Android Apps List

Wunderlist – An app that allows you make a list of things to do, movies, books and everything you can use a list for. It also lets you share the list with your friends. This app makes life relatively easy as all the to do tasks etc can be done by just a touch.

25 Best Android Apps List

Polaris Office – Polaris is an office suit which is amongst the top free android apps is definitely a must have. It comes with a word editor, powerpoint viewer and spreadsheet editor making work easier and very convenient for the working class.

25 Best Free Android Apps List

Viber – This app allows you to send images, text messages and even make video calls to other viber users. It is also very high performance when it comes to switching between video calls on the phone and computer. Very popular and easy to use, this app makes communication easier and free of cost.

Free Android Apps List

Wikipedia Beta – This app takes up a first place amongst people who enjoy reading and exploring about various apps. This is one of the most trusted free android apps which allows you to access any wikipedia pages directly on your phone. This can provide you with a truckload of information.

Best Android Apps List 2015

Spotify – It is digital music service that allows access to people for infinite number of songs on the internet.

Top Free Android Apps 2015


here we have listed down the best free android apps which will not only make your life easier but also helps to keep you updated with ever evolving changes in time and technology. Hurry! Fill your phone with these amazing best free apps for android today! Also don’t forget to check out our Best Android Launcher List of 2015.

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