Top 10 Spy Apps for Android Smartphones

Spying, they say have made and ruined the lives of many. Spying is a secret version of keeping a track of an individual’s day to day lives and activities without his/ her knowledge and also as anonymous. There’s Several Spy apps for android are available on PlayStore, check out the best 10 out of them. Many a times, even though we love our partners and trust them completely, our jealous and suspicious nature takes over, and we would want nothing more than to follow them around and check their alibi. Parents can also be concerned about their children’s activities, especially in the rebellious teenage years. in this kind of situation android spy apps prove to be really handy.

There are other legitimate things which require spying, such as using it to keep a track of delivery boys by a company, for cab service drivers, or even for business purposes. However, it is hardly possible to spy on others personally and consistently. Moreover, hiring a private investigator may also be a little too costly and also overboard if our suspicions are baseless and rooting only from our anxious nature, or if the matter is business related. What can we do then, to calm our nerves in such situations? Well, Android is the answer. There are various specialised best spy apps for android which help you to do the same and hat too with complete privacy.

Spy Apps for Android

10 Best Spy Apps for Android

In the 21st century spy app for android has got a little more technical. Today apart from just following a person’s actions, the social networking and other cyber activities of the individual must also be checked. In order to go haywire with a character, one click is more than sufficient. Hiring and looking out for specialised services can be a complete waste of time and money as there are various free spy apps for android which help us do the same absolutely free of cost and with just one installation of the application. Before we go ahead, we must understand that spying is a wrong thing to do, it invades someone’s privacy and we can also face legal complications, if caught spying on someone. However, spying apps are useful in many a things. Following are the top 10 spy apps available on Android:

  1. Secret SMS Replicator

The best thing about this spy apps for android is the non-availability of the visible icon, instead, it runs silently in the background. This app, copies every message received on the phone it is installed on, and sends the same text message to every number selected by the one who installed it. The only way to deactivate this app is by entering a password that had been chosen during installation. It is a great app for spying, which lets you do your thing without the person ever knowing about it. Click Here to check the free version.

spy apps for android

  1. Children Tracker

Like we mentioned earlier, children are rebellious in their teenage years. Parents are worried to death during this time because the children refuse to give accurate or complete details of their whereabouts or about whom they are going out with. Thus, tracking their location is their only choice. Children Tracker is a special spy apps for android which allows you to do exactly that, with utmost secrecy and accuracy. Thus, allowing you to do your duty as a parent without making your children feel irritated or bad.

Spy app for android

  1. Mobile Hidden Camera

Unless you have a hidden spy camera, your spying is incomplete. Mobile Hidden Camera allows you to take picture quickly by tapping on the blank screen, once the app is activated. It also allows you to take a video recording. This spy application for android is one of a kind which does its work efficiently and does not provide any hints to the person whom you are trying to spy upon. Overall, Mobile Hidden Camera is one of the best android spy apps available on Google PlayStore.

free spy apps for android

  1. Trick or Tracker

This app requires to be downloaded on both the child’s phone as well as the parents’. Thus, this is spying with your child’s consent. Once installed on the phones, the parents can know if their child has travelled beyond the decided boundaries, when the child comes home, and also tracks the location every 15 minutes. This spy apps for android is paid, but it is worth every penny of it.

Android Spy App

  1. Spy Message

Spy Message allows the user to send a message to someone and delete itself after a specified time frame. In cases of secret business dealings and meetings, Spy Message is utmost helpful because it leaves no trace of communication behind. Secret appointments and bits of information can be shared via this spy app for android to keep the business secrecy utmost.

free android spy app

  1. Ear Spy

An absolute spying app, the Ear Spy allows you to tap on communications going on around you, but drowned down by the commotion. This well-known spy app for android records communication via the microphone of the earphones and the user can hear every conversation happening around. It also has an equalizer that allows you to focus on what you want hear clearly.

free android spy apps

  1. Secret Calls

Making secret calls can be a pain because you have to go through the trouble of cleaning up the logs after the call. However, Secret Calls now does all of that work for you. The application hides the phonebook contact icon and clears all the phone log from the phone, without leaving any traces of it. Thus, when someone else uses your phone, they will never know about that secret contact. If you are looking for a modish android spy app, Secret Calls would be the perfect one.

best android spy apps

  1. Phone Tracker

Similar to Cell Tracker, Phone tracker allows you to keep a tab on your children or employees during work hours. This app can work in the background and thus, doesn’t need to be actually open on the phone. It provides information about the person’s activities within the last 24 hours and 10 meters of distance. in some way phone tracker is one of con-tempo android spy apps.

best android spy app

  1. Spy Video Recorder

This app allows you to video record a scene without anyone knowing about it. Moreover, it also tracks unauthorized activity in the area that you have under surveillance, by providing before and after pictures of the area. However, this spy apps for android will specifically require a stable and a speedy internet connection.

android spy apps

  1. Sneaky Cam

Extremely sneaky in its way, this app allows you to pretend to be busy with something on the phone while you quickly take pictures. This wonder spy application for android allows you to choose the background you want and you can simply click pictures by tapping anywhere on the screen.

free spy app for android


These are some of the best spy apps for android for sure with some cutting edge features. every single android spy app in this list has their own unique way of spying. So, every-time your green-eyed nature comes out take a dig into these exclusive list of Android Spy Apps.

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