Top 10 Best Android VPN Providers of 2015

Today people are so dependent on technology that they would love to carry it or receive it in every place they visit or chill. After all, what is a smart phone without an established and a speedy web connection? Technology has gone a step further with the help of Android VPN providers. These providers help to establish an internet connection in whichever place the customer desires to place it. Today, there are Wi-Fi and free internet connections available almost everywhere. Maximum cafes, restaurants and hotels now provide free Wi-Fi to their customers. Earlier we have published articles on Best Android Launcher and Android Developers, I hope you will love this one too.

Android VPN

However, an open network sharing, used by so many people at once, makes it easier for hackers to hack into your phones and steal information. With the wider and more remote of the internet connections, the breach of internet security is also becoming an issue of increasing concern. Thus, to keep hackers away from your phone data, you can install something called an Best VPN for Android, i.e. Virtual Private Network. A VPN allows you to securely use the internet on your device. It also provides access to pages beyond regional restrictions, hides internet history from public viewing, and most importantly, it keeps your data safe.

Top 10 Best Android VPN Service Providers

VPN basically provides a proxy I.P address to your server. Thus, using a VPN, if you are connected to a server based in China, the internet traffic of your use will route back to that address. In other words, if you are in India, using the internet over VPN, the websites you surf won’t trace back the address to you, rather, it will trace back to the router, i.e. I.P address in China. On this way Android VPN is really essential for every user.

Thus, to keep your data safe from hackers trying to steal information over the internet, VPN providers are the best choice. After all, safe browsing is the need of the hour as there is a large base of people who have an access of the interenet. Following are top 10 best VPN for android Providers of 2015:

  1. OpenVPN Connect

One of the best and few free Android VPN Providers, it is an open source, which gives it an edge over the other providers. Most other VPN Providers function on ‘fire and forget’ principle. OpenVPN, however, takes in more knowledge and learns patterns quickly. It also allows you to import files, engage in advanced settings. If you would love to understand the complicated natures of VPNs then OpenVPN is your best choice among the all VPN for android.

  1. OpenVPN for Android

A subsequent branch of OpenVPN Connect, this app provides almost all the same functionality of the original app. However, the user interface of the branch app is friendlier, but it still requires a lot of learning to do but it definitely one of the best android VPN for the device which functions on android. It seems less confusing and provides easier ways to get around the app settings. Both the apps accomplish the same fundamental goals at the end of the day. However, you must keep in mind that both the apps will need you to make and set up an OpenVPN server in order to start using the applications.

  1. Hideninja VPN

Packed with all the features a VPN provider comes with, Hideninja is popular for its interface. Also, it encrypts both, incoming as well as outgoing traffic which makes it impossible for online advertisers to trace you. It also allows you to access sites from all over the world by bypassing firewalls. This is a kind of an android VPN which you definitely must try.

  1. VPN Master

A popular Android VPN provider on the PlayStore, VPN Master is based on OpenVPN and comes equipped with all the normal and necessary features of a VPN Provider. Moreover, apart from bypassing firewalls, regional restrictions and encrypting traffic details, VPN Master also offers consistent speed and 99% up-time. Lastly, it doesn’t require you to set up an account, thus making it easier to use. The trial version is available for a limited time, after which minimal monthly subscription is required. If you are ready to pay for VPN Android, then VPN Master  is a perfect choice.

  1. SuperVPN

A completely free VPN Provider, SuperVPV brings all the VPN Provider features to the table, all at no cost at all. Besides, it also block third party traffic, unblocks blocked information across the continents, encrypts traffic etc. This app also doesn’t require registration of an account and has no speed limit. It is one of the best free android VPN providers for android.

  1. Hotspot Shield VPN

The most downloaded android VPN provider app on Google PlayStore, the Hotspot Shield VPN has rightly earned its credit. The most exceptional features of Hotspot Shield VPN includes masking IP addresses, using secure Wi-Fi connections, Smart Protection, i.e. most protection based on your network security and also, unblocking of sites like YouTube, BBC, Pandora etc. Although this VPN android is free, some in-app features require purchasing.

  1. SpeedVPN

Another popularly free VPN for android provider, SpeedVPN comes equipped with a simple user interface, usage without registration of an account and absolute free use. Each VPN connect session lasts for 60 minutes, but you can reconnect as and when you want and as many times you like. This enables to provide better speed to those who are using it currently by kicking off those who aren’t. Torrent download, however, will ban you from using the service again. Overall, SpeedVPN is the most concurrent VPN Android among all.

  1. PureVPN

Although not very popularly known, PureVPN is a reliable Android VPN Provider. Its features list includes secure connection, encryption of traffic, secure browsing, masked IP address etc. This secure VPN Provider has both, free and paid version, wherein the paid one has more detailed features. The free one, however, works just fine.

  1. TunnelBear VPN

An adorable and completely user-friendly VPN Provider, the animated bear shows you exactly what is going on. It is for beginners who are just starting to understand VPN. It provides all the regular features of an android VPN Provider and a limited amount of free usage per month. A longer usage requires paid subscription.

  1. SurfEasy VPN

The best looking android VPN Provider, SurfEasy has an elegant user interface that allows you to have a relaxed experience of using the app. The features of this app include, besides the VPN usual features, hotspot security, IP address masking, location and identity security etc. This app too, has both free and paid version.


Choosing an Android VPN is tricky as the VPN android market has exploded over the past few years. There are many master of the house that provide VPN for android, which is why it’s hard to notify when a VPN provider actually providing a secure aid and when it pitching out a lot of spiffy words just to sell their service. Don’t just focus on the price while choosing a android VPN, also dig into performance, support, reputation and transparency. As a consequence we made this Android VPN Providers list according to it and hopefully this would help choosing.

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