Top 10 Best Android Launcher Available in 2015

Having the best Android launcher in our Smartphone is becoming a trend these days. Each smartphone comes equipped with a particular stylized home screen. However, for those who like customizing their phones, a standard home screen may not seem appealing. Launcher apps are those apps that give a completely new look and design to a phone’s home screen, making the phone is look new and updated. But selecting the best android launcher for your smartphone can really be a task. After all, nobody would like to risk their precious phone to faulty launcher. Given here is a list of top 10 Android Launcher apps available in Google Play Store.

Top 10 Best Android Launcher

Yahoo Aviate

Simplistic and minimalistic to look at, Yahoo Aviate is actually a very intelligent and undoubtedly one of the best android launcher. Without any effort from your side, the launcher automatically organizes all your apps in systematic A-Z categories.  Its main goal is to make the home screen as simplified as possible and organize the information and apps that you use the most in a way to provide quick and easy access. It is a constantly changing home screen which updates according to information you would require at difference times of the day. For example, it shows weather and email in the morning because that is the first thing you would check. Aviate also has a smooth and neat user interface.

Get Yahoo Aviate From Google Play from Here

Yahoo Aviate Android LauncherNova Launcher

Nova is another popular launcher which offers more than just a nice home screen. It also gives animations choices, folders, and desktop functions. The premium version, which is paid, allows even more customizable options than the normal version. Nova also supports several themes available in Google Play to help you dramatize the look of your phone’s home screen. The launcher itself has a couple of themes in itself. It is a launcher that can be customized to be as light or as loud as the user prefers it to be. Thus, this is the best android launcher one can suit their smartphones with.

Download Nova Launcher From Google Play From Here

Nova Launcher for Android

Dodol Launcher

A lightweight launcher app that does not drain your battery,Dodol is for those who love experimenting with themes but do not like altering much of the customization. Dodol supports innumerable themes and has had more than 10 million installs already. One can experience a very different feel upon using it and this launcher lands up to be one of the most unique and definitely will be one of the best android launcher. It does not contain heavy animations but provides a cool look to the phone’s screen. It is perfect for those who are new to trying launchers but love customization.

Download Dodol Launcher From Google Play From Here

Dodo Androidl launcher

Google Now Launcher

Google’s very own launcher, the Google Now Launcher is one of the best android launchers in the market.  Although it is free of cost and known to be of Android standard, it is an innovative launcher that provides easy access to Google Now, voice controls, and transparent bars that gives the user a feel of being transported to the age of Windows Vista. The launcher comes pre-installed in all Nexus and Google Play Edition devices. However, it can be installed on other devices too in less than two minutes.

Download Google Now From Google Play from Here

Google Now Android Launcher

Action Launcher

Most launcher apps seem to be more or less the same in what they have to offer. However, Action Launcher has features that distinguish it and sets it apart from other launchers in the Android market. The most attractive features include – covers, quickdrawer, quickpage, shutters and 1 swipe. All of these features add to increased functionality of the device. It was released in the market only a couple of months ago but its innovative features have made it instantly popular. This launcher is nothing but one of the most reliable and the best android launcher for your smartphone.

Download Action Launcher From Google Play Here 

Action, the best Android Launcher

Buzz Launcher

Offering the users multiple customization options, Buzz launcher also offers thousands of themes to the user to completely alter the look of their device’s home screen. It also allows you to create your own theme using Buzz Widget Editor. This new theme can be shared and used by other Buzz Launcher users too.

Download Yahoo Buzz Launcher From Google Here

Buzz, one of the best Android Launcher


Almost similar to Buzz Launcher and its biggest competitor, Themer is a beautiful and stylish launcher amongst all. It does not require you to download any extra widgets or to browse around for hours on end to customize your home screen. It is designed to apply and alter the look of the screen in one simple click. There are several pre-installed themes available which are subtle, lovely and colorful. Every theme works perfectly fine and provides effortless functionality. It also comes with Everything and Zooper Widget that lets you make your own widgets, and wallpapers, fonts and much more.

Download Themer Launcher From Google Play Here

Themer, the best Android Launcher for your smartphone

Apex Launcher

For all the customization-hungry folks out there, Apex launcher is your best pick. It is the most popular custom launchers in the android market. It has over 10 million installs all over the world. It has an infinite amount of customization options, complete home screen control, gesture settings, several themes, icons, animations and transitional effects. It is amazing and definitely one of the best android launcher for those who love a lot of animation and effects on their phone.

Download Apex Launcher From Google Play Here

Apex Launcher for Android

Smart Launcher

It is known for turning things upside down. Instead of categorizing apps in neat rows and columns, Smart Launcher provides the icons in rings in a circular display on the screen. This is the best android launcher for those who desire a zing in their day to day lives. It is directly linked with App Manager and thus, deleting an icon automatically deletes the app from the phone. With over 5 million downloads, Smart Launcher is simple but unique launcher for those who want simplicity on their phones.

Download Smart Launcher From Google Play Here

Smart Android Launcher

Everything Me

A launcher similar to Aviate, Everything Me focuses more importantly on information based on interests, habits, requirements and environment. The main features of this launcher are – Prediction bar, Smart Folders and Search bar. It categorizes your folders according to your interests; user habits and the surrounding you are in. This makes it widely popular among people who like having things easy and quick. This is the best android launcher app for those who love instant and quick responses from the phone.

Download Everything Me Launcher From Google Play Here 

Everything Me, one of the best Android Launcher

Wrap Up:

If you are looking for a fab Android launcher to install in your smartphone, then your wait comes to an end here. Select any one of these above mentioned and forget hectic web browsing to search top 10 best Android launcher. These launchers are verified, tested and handpicked for you.

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