How to Access iPhoto on PC for Free

The smartphones are coined as smart because of the apps which make the life of users rosy and cozier. These apps have tremendous capabilities to do anything for us from bill payments to online shopping, and from providing entertainment to photo editing and much more. iPhoto is such an app which improves our photo editing skills with its various unique features. Now, with the each days passing by we are more leaning into use these superb apps on our PC or desktop. So if you want to know the procedure to use iPhoto for PC, you are at the right place my friend.

iPhoto for PC

 iPhoto for PC

Apparently, there is no method which can facilitate you to use or download the iPhoto for Windows 10/7/8/8.1/XP PC. But, there are a few alternatives which you can use to experience what the iPhoto looks do and can edit your photos with the help of those alternative apps. We have mentioned about those alternatives below as having iPhoto for PC installed in your system is not possible at least for now.

iPhoto, the photo editing application for Apple users is no doubt among the top image editing applications now a days. A person with an iPhone is most likely to use iPhoto as their favorite photo editing app. Here are the main reasons why iPhotp is so much popular among the Apple users, and people are insanely searching for iPhoto for PC in large numbers:

Features of iPhoto for PC

  • Photo corrections can be done quickly. Editing and changes on the red eye, or other color options is easily available.
  • iPHOTO comes with a slick interface.
  • iPHOTO provides some excellent presentation options.
  • iPHOTO features unified search option.
  • This photo editing app perfectly fits with the iOS camera filters.
  • You can e-mail the pictures even when not using Apple mail.
  • iPHOTO provides list of tools and effects to choose from; for that touch of perfection you wish to give.
  • You can create your own photo book and customized calendar using this app. Also you can print those books and calendar if you want to.
  • iPHOTO compatibles with OS X including Maps

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How to Download iPhoto for MAC

Apple has recently discontinued its support for iPhoto on MAC. But you can use the all new Photos for MAC as the replacement of the former application, iPHOTO.  With a new app, your pictures have got a new look too! If you wish to use the Photos for Mac, all you need is an up gradation to OS X Yosemite, and use it for free. If you’re already using Yosemite, you can download Photos for MAC simply by checking for updates in the Mac App Store.

In case you are still using the iPhoto app, the entire library will automatically be displayed in the folder of Photos for MAC. Photos for  MAC is no different from iPhoto which you have used it on your phone. In fact, Photos for MAC comes with some amazing features and new editing options.

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Download iPhoto for PC (Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP)

There is no way you can get the iPhoto for PC, which runs by Windows OS. But you can always try for some similar apps for your Windows device.  Below we have listed some ideal alternatives of iPhoto for Windows PC. A superb alternative for you will be Picasa. It offers a hand full of features which is likely to help you in every possible way that iPhoto would provide. If you need more options, you can choose from below.

Alternatives of iPhoto for Windows OS Users

Google Picasa 

The Google Picasa is the best option around for the windows 10/7/8/XP users those who want different form leak photo editing app on their windows 10/7/8/XP PC.

The Picasa offers a great deal of option including background effects, colors stabilization and management, photo frames and much more. The interface of Picasa is very simple so that even your toddler can learn it in quick time too. So if you are feeling sad that you can’t download iPhoto for PC, then this Picasa would surely make you happy.

Adobe Photoshop

The professional photo editors which are very keen to add some serious touch to their photographs will find this option very useful for them. Being an app for the professionals, the Adobe Photoshop offers some high level photo editing options to make a picture truly magnificent.

The only drawback with the Adobe is the hefty price tag which is not suitable for those who want to try out the photo editing just for fun.

Although, easy to understand user interface and the classy features won’t make you feel regret for the money you’ve spent on this iPhoto alternative for your windows 10/7/8/8.1/XP PC.

Zoner Photo Studio

The Zoner app is a combination of the Picasa and Adobe photo editing tools which makes its perfect choice for those who’re currently editing the images for fun, but want to make it as their profession.

The features available in Zoner consist of both Picasa and Adobe features in order to give some learning tips to the newbies and then allowing them to edit the images with professionalism.

The price tag of Zoner is not very high like Adobe, but isn’t free like Picasa too. The moderate price tag is very reasonable with all the features this app offers. So in short thogh we can’t have iPhoto for PC on our machines, but we can download and use these iPhoto alternatives to do our need for the time being.

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Wrap Up

As iPhoto cannot be downloaded on Windows PC, so it is not particularly helpful for a Windows laptop user. But if you use an Apple device, you will know that this is one amazing app that can be ranked among the best photo editing apps .Thankfully for Windows users, the other apps come to the rescue. Some of the photo editing apps even boast of features that are unique and whose functionality will make you addicted. So in a nutshell, iPhoto is a great photo editing app, but you can easily do wonders with its alternatives if you’re a Windows user as you are not blessed with the iPhoto for PC at least as of now!

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