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iMovie is an unique video editing software created by Apple Inc. Along with GarageBand  and iPhoto, iMovie is another component of Apple’s iLife suite of software applications for making movies and editing videos and. Using iMovie you can edit video on various Apple products like iPhone, iPad and iPod. But the iMovie for PC version is still unavailable. So to create movies in Windows PC, you have to search an iMovie for PC alternative. Don’t worry friends , we have discussed everything about iMovie in this article. Starting from the cool features of iMovie to how iMovie works , or the best iMovie App alternatives for PC, you will find everything about iMovie and iMovie on PC in this tutorial.

iMovie for PC

                                                                              iMovie for PC

People always look for more user friendly and comfortable softwares to edit videos and make movies. iMovie is just the perfect app in this aspect. By the virtue of iMovie you can merge, split, crop or rotate your video to upgrade the quality of it. You can enhance your video quality by using various professional filters like Brightness/Contrast ,Denoise, Chroma Key, Color Balance and the best part is iMovie comes with absolutely free of cost. Along with the cool features iMovie offers, iMovie software also rescues you from the effort of prolonged haggling with the manuals or read up lengthy tutorials on the internet, because once you have started using app like iMovie for PC, things get easier with every step.

So friends, iMovie is one of the best video editing softwares you can work on and can create your own master pieces and the application not only allows you to just edit or watch videos, it also gives you the opportunity to share it with your friends.

How iMovie works?

iMovie, the free and user friendly  video editing software has been successful to leave a noteworthy impression on the minds of the users, kudos to its easily graspable work mechanisms, perfect work credentials, and the professional touch it offers to enhance your video quality. Apart from the various filters, it provides the opportunity to edit both 2D and 3D videos on the timeline.

The iMovie timeline is very easy to use. It helps you to organize your video, audio and titles as well. Making Slideshows with iMovie is extremely simple. You will be benefitted with provisions for adding smooth and good looking transitions. The software also helps you to adjust the durations individually while making the slideshow. So friends iMovie and the alternatives of iMovie for PC is great application if you wish to enhance your videos  and make your own videos in a professional way. Now guys, check out some of the cool features of iMovie.

Features of iMovie for PC

  1. iMovie comes with various special effects, tools and filters to make your video totally different. You can also record audio from a microphone by using this software.
  2. iMovie users are also given a privilege to select from myriad of templates to make your story a far more interesting one. There are plenty of video editing tutorials available online for the software.
  3. iMovie usually sends video footage to the Mac devices with the help of the Firewire interface on most of the MiniDV format digital video cameras. One can also use the computer’s USB port for that.
  4. The latest version of iMovie (version 10.0.8) is equipped with the most improved of features and is a complete revolution from its preceding versions.
  5. iMovie offers more options to share a movie, or more movies as well as the trailers.
  6. Editing pictures in picture by using iMovie, has become easier than ever in comparison to the previous versions or any other alternative applications, as the software offers various editing techniques like side by sides or doing cutaways. The refinements have become far more vivid with even more realist green screen effects.
  7. Apple Inc. claims that with iMovie you can save your video in any format (MPEG-4, MPEG, H.264, WMV, or FLV) and play it anywhere. The software also allows you to upload the videos on YouTube, Facebook or your discrete website without even leaving the program.
  8. You can directly burn your videos to DVD, for watching it later on TV or your personal DVD player.
  9. The latest iPhone 6S has come with an awesome feature called as “Force Touch” and this works perfectly in sync with the iMovie app. With the aid of this new technology you will be able to fast forward and rewind videos in iMovie just with a simple tap of their fingers.

Download iMovie for PC (Windows 8.1/ 8/7/XP)

VMware fusion and Parallel desktop softwares can help you run iMovie on PC, but these are paid softwares and also requires dual boot feature. So it is better to use the alternatives of iMovie on PC when you want to edit video or enhance your video and give a professional touch from your Windows PC.

Currently, the market is flooded with many iMovie alternative applications for Windows PC. All the softwares might not be as efficient and perfect like iMovie but are good enough in their own ways. One very popular alternative of iMovie is the Movavi video editor, with additional features like the chrome key. Some features of Movavi video editor are alike with iMovie, like making slideshows is very easy in it. Also Movavi video editor offers many cool templates like iMovie. So though using iMovie on PC is not that feasible, but the alternatives of iMovie can certainly help you!

Movavi also facilitates you to adjust durations individually and use good transitions, almost like the iMovie provides. Options for using special effects are also available in Movavi though they are not as mesmerizing like iMovie. While using Movavi, importing videos have to be done by DV/AVCHD camcorders, web cameras,TV tuners, and VHS. Also like iMovie, Movavi Video Editor can be synced with the microphone as well.

In Movavi, uploading and sharing options are also similar to that of iMovie. You can save videos in any format and can be played anywhere. There are no constraints in uploading the videos in YouTube, Facebook and in any website. By the virtue of Movavi, you can encode your videos to MPEG-4, MPEG, H.264, WMV, or FLV for better quality but smaller in size.

So, in short, you can’t get all the cool features iMovie offers in Movavi, but it is the best bet and the most popular alternative when we are talking about iMovie for PC.

iMovie for MAC, iPad, iPhone, iOS

For the Apple device users, the Apple app store is the solution to half of their problems. If you are a Mac user you don’t have to download iMovie from any other unofficial websites, you can get it easily from the Mac app store. The download takes a little bit time and the steps to follow are extremely simple, easy and are quite linear in operation.

Though some websites give you the option to download the iMovie software for free of cost but you need to be careful about those downloading links as most of them are pseudo-links that cause risk of virus attacks. So to avoid such problems it is best to download iMovie from the Apple App store.

As the creator of iMovie is Apple and also it is the default video editing application just for Apple devices – Mac, iPhone, and iPad, so iMovie works well with the Mac OS X only. Apple hasn’t released any Windows or Android version of the software and is yet to announce any scheduled plan to develop iMovie for PC or iMovie for the Windows 10/8/7/XP OS, so the Windows users should look for the best alternatives of the application to use iMovie on PC.

Download iMovie for Mac here.

Download iMovie for iPad here.

Download iMovie for iPhone here

According to the rumors, Apple has taken a strategy to attract more people to their products. So most probably iMovie will remain as an exclusive Mac application. However, we can’t fully mitigate the possibility of the launch of iMovie for PC in the near future.

Download iMovie for Windows 10 OS

As we mentioned above iMovie is an Apple’s product and thus it is not possible to download iMovie for Windows 10 powered PC. We may take help from some paid software to use iMovie on Windows 10 computers but I would rather suggest all if you to go with the alternatives of iMovie if you are running the latest Windows 10 OS in your system.

Other Alternatives of iMovie App

As we discussed earlier, Movavi is the best alternative of iMovie!! But there are some other hidden gems which you can use as the alternatives for iMovie.

  • Lightworks

It is an award-winning video editing software with high resolutions and great number of features. It can fit as the perfect iMovie alternative. Lightworks is famous for editing lengthier movies due to its powerful characteristics. Download Lightworks from here.

  • Cyberlink

While you use Cyberlink, you will be rewarded with the highest quality of video editing, photo editing and media player tools and features. You can download Cyberlink from here.

  • VirtualDub

Another solid option instead of iMovie is VirtualDub. If you are looking for a basic video editor then Virtualdub should be your ultimate choice. Overall, VirtualDub is great software when you are looking for a quick fix in your video. It has no complicated steps or wheels in wheels that you need to understand after reading some tutorials, users can have idea about the software by just surfing through the features of it. Recording facility, delete scenes or trimming your video everything is possible using VirtualDub.

  • Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X is a video management and editing software developed by Apple, which is indeed a great alternative of iMovie . But this software is well known software among the professional users and Apple developer is working on it to make it better than never. Enterprise level, professional level you name it, Final Cut Pro X is one of the best video softwares available in the market. If you are finding it difficult to install iMovie for PC, you may just go for Final Cut Pro X.


Q : What is the latest version of iMovie available for download (Mac and iOS)?

A: iMovie 10.0.9 is the latest version for Mac you can download and iMovie for iOS 2.1 is the latest version for iPads and iPhones.

Wrap Up

So friends, hopefully this article has been a real help to guide you about anything and everything of iMovie. We hope there are no more confusion regarding iMovie for PC and the best alternatives of iMovie. We have discussed and given the links to download iMovie on your Apple devices too. So friends if you have any trouble using iMovie or the iMovie for PC alternatives you can leave your query in our comments section. We promise a prompt reply will await for you.

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