How to use iMessage on Windows and Mac PC

iMessage for Windows Free Download: As every coin has two sides, every phenomenon comes with its advantages and disadvantages. After the technological revolution, certainly our life gets easier and smoother but it also creates a hell lot of distances between our near and dear ones. In our busy schedule, we hardly get time to meet with our friends or hang out with our family members in a regular basis. And in this situation, the messaging and chatting apps come into the play. iMessage for Windows is a burning example of how the instant messaging applications have gained humongous popularity in these recent days.

This popular chatting application from the house of Apple started its run on 2012 by replacing another messaging application of the same company, iChat, and since then there was no looking back for iMessage. Today, almost 50,000 messages per second are being sent over this instant messaging service and the number is increasing exponentially with each passing day. But all the good things come with a price. The only problem with this messaging application is that, like all the other Apple products, iMessage is too limited only for the iOS users. But as we, Droidadda, have taken an oath and solved many such problems in our previous articles, we have also dug out some tricks and solutions to download iMessage for Windows and iMessage for PC running on Mac OS.

Apple Inc. is well known for developing some of the best of its class applications and iMessage is definitely one of its best creations for sure. It is not just a chat messaging application rather it offers functionalities which can even put biggies like WhatsApp in shame. Windows users always carry an urge to use apps or devices manufactured by the great Apple Inc. and that’s why we have prepared this awesome guide to help you with downloading iMessage for Windows OS without any trouble for absolutely free of cost.

iMessage for Windows PC

                                                                         iMessage for Windows

Like all the other instant messaging applications, iMessage offers some unique features too. Application supports audio and video messages apart from the normal text messages. Also you can send messages to a group of people via a single click of your hand. So is it not cool to have this awesome instant messaging app in your PC?? Well friends, you need not to worry. We have discussed all the tricks and tweaks to download iMessage for Windows, as well as iMessage for MAC. We have explained each and every step in a detailed manner so that you don’t face any trouble to understand how to use iMessage for PC. But before discussing the steps in an in-depth fashion; let check out the advantages of using iMessage on Windows or simply the features of iMessage.

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Features of iMessage

  • iMessage comes absolutely free of cost, no download cost will require to download iMessage on Windows PC.
  • Unlike other instant messaging applications, iMessage offers great speed to its users and is a very fast messaging application.
  • You can send tons of audio and video messages to your friends and family members.
  • Group chat option is also available for iMessage for PC and you can give your own personalized group names too.
  • You can check whether your message has been delivered or not.
  • Also you can find out whether the other person is typing back to you or not.


Download iMessage for Windows PC (8.1/8/7 & XP)

So folks now you get a brief idea why iMessage is so much popular among the iOS users and why this instant chatting application is so special. These aforementioned features are also applicable to iMessages for Windows. So now you are feeling excited enough to know the entire process of how to download iMessage for PC, isn’t it?? Well before we describe the steps vividly, just keep one thing in mind that you have to download an iOS simulator before you start the download process. Don’t worry friends, this is not rocket science. iOS simulator is basically an emulator which mimics iOS on your Windows desktop or laptop so that you can play any iOS specific  app without your device actually having iOS. Though there is plenty of iOS simulator present in the market but we will recommend iPadian for you as it is the most safe and reliable iOS simulator of present time. Ok amigos now roll into the detailed steps of how to download iMessage for Windows PC.

Step 1: First thing first, as we said above, go to the official website of iPadian and download the software which comes absolutely free of cost.

Step 2: Now as soon as the software being downloaded properly in your Windows PC, install the simulator by clicking the .exe file. The installation process is very easy and simple. You just have to simply follow the instructions come up on your computer screen, that’s it.

iMessage for Windows PC

Step 3: As soon as you complete the whole installation process you will notice that entire outlook of your computer screen has changed and turned into a MAC environment. You will also notice a dock right at the bottom of your screen which is very much alike to one which appears in MAC computers.

Step 4: After that launch the software by clicking the icon shown on the desktop.

Step 5: Now when you are done with all the above mentioned steps, search for your desired instant messaging application, iMessage in the search box provided for you. Also the download process and the installation process will start automatically as soon as you click on the logo of the iMessage.

iMessage for Windows PC

Step 6: When you will complete the download and installation procedure of the application, you will find iMessage on your PC.

iMessage for Windows PC

Step 7: Last but not the least, if you want to launch the app, just locate the app in iPadian’s app drawer; from there you will be able to open the app and run iMessage on Windows PC for absolutely free of cost.

So friends, see how easy and simple it was to download iMessage for Windows PC. Now check out the steps to download iMessage for Mac PC. It is even easier to download and install this messaging and chatting application on your Mac desktop or laptop.

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Download iMessage for Mac PC

As iMessage is a direct Apple product you don’t need to download an iOS simulator to download iMessage for Mac PC. Also these days, this famous online instant messaging service comes as a built-in application in most of the iOS devices. But still, if you need to know the detailed steps and procedures of how to download iMessage for Mac PC; here is the guide especially for you:

Step 1: Go to the Apple Play Store.

Step 2: Search iMessage in the play store.

Step 3: Download and install it on your Mac PC, absolutely free of cost.

Step 4: Open the application with your Apple ID.

Step 5: Start using iMessage for Mac device.

Though some websites offer you the option to download iMessage application for free of cost but you need to be careful about those downloading links as most of them are pseudo-links that cause risk of virus attacks. So to avoid such problems we will suggest you to download iMessage directly from the Apple App store.

iMessage for Windows 10 OS

In this tutorial, we have already discussed how to download the popular social messaging app, iMessage on your Windows or Mac computers. But if you are using the latest Windows 10 on your desktop or laptop and if you want to know how to download iMessage for Windows 10 devices, we have also guided you for that. Downloading iMessage on your Windows 10 PC is a very simple procedure and in order to install iMessage on Windows 10 OS, just follows the iOS simulator process we have mentioned above for the Windows 8.1/8/7/XP version and you are all set to use the application for Windows 10 PC. This process is exactly same for each and every Windows version.

Best Alternatives of iMessage

As we mentioned in our introductory paragraph, this is an era of instant online messaging applications. Plenty of instant messaging and chatting applications are ruling over the smartphone markets and it is not at all difficult to find the best alternatives of iMessage, if you have get bored of the application. WhatsApp is a very popular online chatting application of our generation and can be used as the best possible alternative of iMessage. Apart from that, you can also try Viber, Kik, WeChat, Line and Hike as an alternative of iMessage. These all are examples of instant online messaging application and will serve more or less same purposes as iMessage does.

Google Hangouts: We have been seeing the battle between Google and Apple in the technology world for a long time and Google Hangouts is the perfect answer to Apple’s iMessage. The messaging application of Google is straightforward and simpler than any other messaging application. Voice calls, video calls, messaging everything is possible through Google Hangouts, overall it is a solid package for communication. At present, you don’t even have to log in to Gmail or G+ to use Google Hangouts as it has completely different website. All you need is a Google profile to access the features of Hangouts and it also can sync the conversations on your phone and desktop/laptop both. 

WhatsApp: WhatsApp has all the modern features you want in an instant messaging application. Encryption feature, voice calling, web version every important thing regarding communication can be found in this IM app. 990 million people are currently using WhatsApp around the world. It also includes Group threads, video sharing, and photo sharing and location sharing kind of features. Overall, it is a dream in cream for the social media freaks. If you just don’t want to go through the perplexed steps of iMessage for Windows, just step into the world of WhatsApp. 

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Wrap Up

So folks, isn’t iMessage an amazing messaging and chatting application in today’s world?? I mean, iMessage is fast, reliable, offers some cool features, comes with a very user-friendly interface and more over it does not come with any price tag. So what more do you want from an instant messaging application?? Also we have shown the path to download iMessage for Windows PC. So it is no more remains “iOS specific” too. Now friends, don’t waste your time anymore.

Download iMessage for Windows PC and Mac PC today and start chatting with your near and dear ones. If you face any problem while executing the steps you can post your queries in our comments section. We are assuring you that a prompt reply will wait for you. Thank you.

How to use iMessage on Windows and Mac PC
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