How to Log out or Sign Out of KIK?

Kik is an amazing messaging app which facilitates you to send text messages, pictures, videos, voice recording, etc. to your friends and family, all for free, no matter where they are in the world. This social networking app has gained enormous popularity in recent times and the main reason behind their success is that the application is available for all the platforms like iOS, Android and Windows. But the only drawback of this messaging app is that; like other social online messaging applications, Kik also don’t allow its users to log out from the application. So in this tutorial we are going to discuss about why it is necessary to get logged off from this highly popular messaging app, how to log out of Kik messenger, and most importantly we will discuss about what are the easy steps to learn how to sign out of KIK. So be with us and go through the whole article.

How to sign out of Kik

How to sign out of Kik

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The biggest problem of most of the social messaging applications, including Whatsapp, is that they don’t let their users to sign out from the application and Kik is no exception too. Now it is not possible to stay online the whole time long on a social networking application. In this era of technological revolution, we hardly get times for our own and for our family, and if we spend majority of our personal times chatting with friends or staying online on various popular online messaging apps, we will certainly become an alien to our near and dear ones. Imagine a situation; after a tiresome day at office, you are trying to have a tight nap in your cozy bed but your phone is buzzing off constantly or you are having a family dinner but those irritating notifications won’t let you to do so peacefully.

These situations are really annoying right??? The only thing you can do is to block the user or mute the group. But these are not long term solutions and moreover blocking someone without any reason is very rude. So is there any ways to get log out of Kik??? Yes my friends, there are some tricks by which you can actually learn how to sign out of Kik. All you have to do is just to reset the application and boom; you have been successfully logged off from this popular online messaging app. You must be wondering how resetting this social online messaging application gives you the jail free card to sign out of Kik ??? Ok, to know the entire process just read the easy steps we have elaborated below. We are sure after reading the whole process you won’t have slightest of doubts about how to log out of Kik.

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How to log out of KIK Messenger: 5 Easy Steps

As we have said earlier the only way to log out from Kik messenger app is to reset the application itself. There are five easy steps to follow to sign off from this online messaging application and we have illustrated every step with the proper images and screenshots so that you don’t have to face any trouble while following them. Just keep in mind one thing before resetting the app; that is to take backups of all your previous messages, images and videos; else they could be gone forever with the resetting.

How to Log Out of Kik

Step 1: Ok, first thing first, open the Kik messenger app from your smartphone. Click the Settings icon which looked like a shape of gear placed in the upper-right corner of your screen. As Kik does not support multiple users mode so it is not possible to directly “log-out” from Kik. So thus, you have to reset the application and which will eventually cause you to erase all of your past conversations.

How to sign out of Kik

Step 2: As we have mentioned earlier, resetting the app will erase all your previous conversations so it is very important to save your old messages. So in this step we will suggest you take all the backups of your earlier chats and to do so; either you can copy and paste all the individual messages by pressing and holding the message or you can choose “Copy” from the menu bar, and then paste the message in other document to save it.

How to log out of Kik

Step 3: After taking the backup of all your past messages click “Your Account”. You will enter to a menu where you can make changes to your Kik account settings.

How to sign out of Kik

Step 4: Now press “Reset Kik Messenger”. As there is no option available to log out of Kik directly, resetting this online messaging app is the only possible way to sign out from Kik, remove your account information and sign in with another account.

How to Sign Out of Kik

Step 5: After that you have to confirm the Kik reset option. Choose “Yes” in the window that appears to verify that you want to reset the app. Resetting the Kik application will not delete your account on that social networking app, but if you want to use the app again then you will need to sign in again. We are quite sure that now you all know how to log out of KIK for free of cost.

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Wrap Up

So friends, hopefully this tutorial about how to log out of KIK has helped you in a great way. We tried to walk through the whole process elaborately and describe the steps with proper images and screen shots so that you don’t have any doubt in mind about how to sign out of KIK messenger. If there are still some queries lingering in your mind, you can ask us any time. We have designed a “Comments” section especially for you folks. We promise a prompt reply will wait for you. Apart from the queries, if you have any suggestions or complaints regarding our sites or the articles, you can share those with us too. We will be more than happy to listen to your views about our Merci.

How to Log out or Sign Out of KIK?
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