Get GarageBand for PC on Windows and Mac OS

GarageBand for PC: GarageBand is one of such apps which made it big in 2014-15 for sure, and thus the basic need for the guide on GarageBand for PC becomes a must have thing for any high quality tech blogs like Droidadda. We all know that with technological advancement and evolving time, almost everything can be accomplished through a single computer. From chatting face to face with a person you love, to create your own music, everything is possible today by the means of your personal computer.  Creating your own music via PC?? It sounds weird, right??? But my friend you read it absolutely right and clear. The need for having GarageBand for PC up and running on our system has increased quite a lot in last few months. That’s why we have felt the requirement of adding this specific article on our site.

GarageBand is a sound mixing application, brainchild of Apple, which is widely used by DJ’s, artists, and music fanatics. It is one of incredible software which is worth a try if you are music enthusiastic and love to compose and create your own music. With this software, you can do various things such as editing songs, audio recording, mixing rhythms, adding effects to the audio track and many others tasks to create your own music. As it is developed by Apple, It is officially available for MAC and iOS computers. But now a  days, you can also download and install GarageBand for PC too. Yes you have to just follow some simple steps and then voilaa…you are all ready to get GarageBand on Windows PC.

GarageBand for PC

GarageBand for PC

Features of GarageBand

With or without real music instrument

 By using GarageBand you can finally create your own music without spending a dime on the real instruments. This incredible app can make it sound very professional, the way it should be. Suppose your band doesn’t have any drummer then you can play the drum tracks on GarageBand and it will sound like human controlled too. You will hardly  be able to spot the difference. This virtual drummer is backed by the music industry’s real session drummers and top recording engineers. These virtual drummers will also follow your instruction when you ask for metal, alternative, progressive or rock genre!!! With its realistic speakers, GarageBand will facilitate you with full blasting effects. Also this splendid app has several intoxicating loops, you can add your personal music or can improvise cool sounds with your friends.

GarageBand is not only a music app but also an app for all those people who live for music. That’s why we have prepared this exclusive guide on GarageBand for PC via this article.

Arrangement, Sound mixing & Sound recording

GarageBand for PC acts like a virtual studio with an impressive and intuitive interface, which allows you to better your own improvisations and perfect your own creations. You can mix your own creation with the thirty-two provided tracks of touch instruments for audio recording and loops. GarageBand also allows you to  edit your single notes or total sections by dragging them to the desired location. When you listen to the final product you yourself will be amused.

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Sharing music in just one click

Once you have finished with creating your own songs, you can also share them with your friends around the world for their remarks and opinions. Connected to Internet, GarageBand can also work with the best known social networks. This application also allows you to set your own creation as a ringtone for your smartphone.

Backup your creation on iCloud

On top of all the other features, GarageBand provides you the opportunity to save your creations in the cloud to retrieve or reuse them whenever you want.

Download GarageBand for PC (Windows 10/8.1/8/7 and XP) 

Downloading and installing GarageBand for PC powered with Windows 10 or Windows 8 and Windows 7 is a very easy process. Just follow these steps given below and get this wonderful music app for your computer instantly.

Step 1: There is no official tool or application available to download GarageBand exclusively for PC. First you will have to download an android emulator like BlueStacks on your computer.

Step 2: Now, Open the emulator and search “GarageBand  application”  in the search box and you will find lots of result.

Step 3: Choose only the official application from those search results, If you are unsure about the official app  then go to developer site and find the Playstore URL of their app.

Step 4: Now, hit the Install button of that application and wait for few minutes to complete the entire process.

Step 5: You will find a pop up notification saying that “Installation completed”, now just open the application through Bluestacks and enjoy all it’s cool features.

Congratulations for successfully downloading and installing GarageBand for PC having Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating system. See how easy the whole process was. Now you can enjoy and create your own music on GarageBand from PC also.

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How to Download GarageBand for PC without using Bluestacks

There is an alternative process too where you can get GarageBand for your PC without using any Android emulator like Bluestacks. Below are the detailed process to download GargaeBand for PC using RareSoftware.

Step 1: Visit the website of raresoftware and click the green button to download GarageBand for PC without installing Bluestacks.

Step 2: Select your destination file and wait until the download finished.

Step 3: As soon as the download completes, select the downloaded package, and then double click to install.

Step 4: Now be patient as it will take 15-20 minutes to set up.

Step 5: After the set up process finished, you can now start the GarageBand application in your PC.

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GarageBand for Mac computer : Step by Step Guide

Are you MAC user looking  for the GarageBand app? Then below are the process to guide you to get GarageBand on your Apple device having Mac OS.

It is very easy for the Mac PCs to download this music app as it was primarily made for Mac users and it is an official product of Mac. Thus, the Mac users can easily download this application and can use GarageBand on Mac OS.

To download GarageBand for Mac, open the website of iTunes and search the application of Garageband for their Mac PCs.

Once you locate the application, download it in your computer and install it.

After the installation process completes, open GarageBand and enjoy all the features of this remarkable application.

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GarageBand for Windows 10 : Most Updated Guide

If you are looking forward to download GarageBand app on Windows 10 then just keep calm and keep on reading. It’s very easy to get GarageBand for Windows 10 installed on your PC or Laptop as the steps are pretty same like the steps of GarageBand for Windows PC mentioned above. Just use bluestacks to fullfil your thrust of using GarageBand on Windows 10 for free.

Alternative Apps of GarageBand

There are plenty of alternatives in the market that offer a similar set of features like GarageBand that you can install on your PC. Whether you are keen to progress your own composition or just want to mess around with some loops, these applications similar to GarageBand are also a great place to start with.

  • LMMS,
  • Mixcraft  7
  • Music Maker Jam
  • Stagelight
  • FL Studio
  • Reaper

Music Maker Jam: Music Maker Jam is indeed a fun alternative of GarageBand, if in case you are facing problem while going through the complicated process of installing GarageBand for PC. Every effects from electric jazz to dub-step sound are available in Music Maker Jam. Music Maker Jam is available for all three platforms, i.e. iOS, Android and Windows. Comparing to GarageBand, Music Maker Jam has some limitation in terms of creating music from scratch. However, you can still expand your music library by purchasing loops from its stores. It is also possible to install it on PC by following the same pattern as GarageBand.

Stagelight: Stagelight on the other hand is a paid application and a great alternative for windows users. It looks more like an Apple application but it does has some unique features to offer to its users. The most interesting part of StageLight is its Live Mode, by using the feature users can test several audio clips and some different loops of it together. If you have no problem to pay $9.99 for a music application, then Stagelight is the ultimate option instead of GarageBand for Windows.

LMMS: LMMS Lacks in several ways, when it comes to look, but when you look at its features, its really worth a shot. First of all, the application is free for all music lovers across the world. It is a whole package of cutting-edge features, great music samples and effects.

GarageBand 2.1 for iOS: What’s New in It?

Apple has recently introduced the most updated version of its sound and music mixing application, GarageBand. So, is there any new features that would help the music lovers across the world to mix it up in a much more interesting way? Yes! Certainly there is. If you are a iOS user, you may have got the Live Loops feature update already. So, what this new feature actually does to make this music mixing application as unique it is. The new feature of 2.1 version is indeed inspired drum machines & hardware controllers of DJ. As you can already understand by seeing the name of this updated feature, ‘Live Loops’, it is now possible to remix a music, arrange it and play it while using the 2.1 version of GarageBand.

GarageBand 2.1 also features some new loop templates in its library for genres like rock, EDM, dubstep and hip-hop. Following the tutorial regarding “GarageBand for PC”, you can also use this new version on your desktop or laptop. However, the sound mixing application is now capable of saving the loops created by the users. Other than that, Apple made the inclusion of new simple EQ, new automation and recording controls features.

GarageBand for PC: Frequently Asked Questions

How to Play a Loop in GarageBand?


The pre-made soundboards in Garageband look just like the coloured boards sorted as a grid. The squared coloured grid is nothing but loops or audio tracks. The updated interface of GarageBand is easy and simple and creating music with it is becoming a trend among the professionals musicians and beginners also. In the left hand side of the picture you can see the different instruments and as you can also see that every instruments has its own row.

The first thing you have to keep in mind before playing a loop that you can select only one coloured box from each row but you can play them all at once. The coloured box with circle wave form will play continuously once you stared the loop and the one with straight line will stop after playing for single time. 

You must be wondering about how to adjust the volume of loops, it is quite easy, you just need to drag the instruments from the left hand side column to their own row in the right side with your mouse or hand if you are using it any touch screen device. That’s it there you will find the options to adjust volumes or even mute it. If you are using GarageBand for PC, it will be easier. 

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May 2016 Update- Apple Added Chinese Instruments

 Slowly Apple is introducing Chinese instruments into its Music creating app GarageBand. guzheng, dizi, yangqin and Peking Opera have already taken into the app with an update. For Apple, China is the biggest market in the world and to please its Chinese users, doubtlessly it’s a great effort. The 2.1.1 update for iOS and 10.1.2 for Mac are available now for free for all existing GarageBand users.  With 3D touch, playing these Chinese instruments is a treat for our ears.

GarageBand for iOS has got two new templates for Live Loops and all new sharing options for some of the popular Chinese social networks.

Wrap Up

So friends and all music lovers, you should definitely try to download and install GarageBand for PC, enjoy the unique features it offer and use your creativity to the fullest. Now just compose your own tune and start rocking on. It is quite assumable that by now you are alreading running GarageBand on Windows PC and enjoying the bliss of music every now and then. If you are still having difficulties to install GarageBand for Windows 10 or any other OS or even the popular Mac OS then you can let us know in the comments section below. We will try our level best to reolve your issue as soon as possible. So now start enjoying GarageBand for PC!!

Get GarageBand for PC on Windows and Mac OS
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