How to Earn Money from Android Smartphone

Make Money from Android Smartphone: Android Smartphones have become the Holy Grail for everything you need in life today, except the basic necessities of course. Just so we don’t feel like we waste our time using apps on our android smartphones all day, the generous android app industry now has several apps that help you make some quick cash and that also from your handy Android phone. However, there are many who are yet not aware that you can also earn money from android is also possible and many people are already earning from it successfully. Smartphones are really helpful in making people earn some extra cash when you are sitting idle or doing nothing. Given below are some of the apps that will help you earn money from android smartphone.

earn money from Android

Different Ways to Earn Money from Android

  1. Viggle

Buy goodies for free or in discounted price: People who love watching TV and listening to music can now earn money in return for their love. Who ever knew that an application could make you earn some bucks?  Just download and install Viggle on your android phone and check in with the Viggle button. Earn points for listening to music or watching television. These points can then be redeemed with companies like Groupon, Starbucks and Best Buy. This helps in making the purchases with discount or for free. Make the most of this facility and earn money from android daily.

  1. Gigwalk

Finish routine assignments and earn money from your smartphone: Adding a bonus to your hard earned money, Gigwalk is an interesting application. All you have to do is to install it on your android phone and take up an assignment every day. These assignments involve confirming geographical locations, landmarks, routes and so on. You can complete the assignment while you are on your way to work, or make a quick detour after grocery shopping. This application has helped many people find a kind of part time and work from home job. For its innovative idea, Gigwalk has been featured in popular US magazines like Forbes and Business Insider and also one of the best earn money from android programmes.

  1. GymPact

Stay healthy and keep earning from your Android Smartphone: The most interesting way to get people to start working out and adopt a healthy lifestyle, GymPact pays people to work out. Once the app is downloaded on your phone, you simply have to check in into it every day when you go to the gym and you get paid for it. However, if you don’t work out, you have to pay a pre-decided amount as fine for not working out. Featured on popular news channels like ABC News and CNN, GymPact seems to leave a lasting impact on people. This is the most beneficial app as it maintains your health and also helps you earn money from your android smartphones.

  1. Checkpoints

Play Games and get paid for it:  pretty easy to use app, Check Points is fun and games. All you have to do is take quizzes, answer survey polls, scan barcodes, complete offers and watch videos. And believe it or not, you get paid for doing that. Who knew earning money from android smartphones can be so much fun too? This application is an ideal application for students who are looking out to earn some extra pocket money sitting at home.

  1. Locket

Make advertisement on your Android phone and get paid: Imagine being paid to have an ad on your phone’s home-screen and unlocking your phone. Locket pays people to place an advertisement on the home screen of their smartphones. This app uses an algorithm to keep track of how many times a day do you unlock your phone. You can either visit the ad or not, you get paid irrespective of that. Payment is made via PayPal and a payment can be requested once you have earned at least 10$. However, this is applicable only for android phone and can be considered as earning money from android only.

  1. Receipt Hog

Send receipts and Earn Money from your Android phone: Every time you shop for groceries at the super store, dollar store, medical shop, beauty products or pet products, take a picture of the bill receipt to submit it to Receipt Hog. In return for that, Receipt Hog will pay you virtual coins that you can redeem through PayPal or Amazon gift cards. The data collected by Receipt Hog is used by researchers to study consumer behaviour, market statistics or product sales statistics.

  1. Shop Kicks

Share and Earn using your Android phone: Whenever you enter your favourite shop the next time, make sure you have Shop Kicks installed on your phone. This application gives you ‘kicks’ every time you enter a shop and scan particular barcodes on the app. Moreover, even recommending Shop Kicks to friends or scanning through look-books can earn you kicks. These kicks can be redeemed for gift cards with companies like Starbucks, Old Navy, Target etc. or other shopping items like electronics and clothing.

Earning money from android has never been so easy or as much fun. However, all good things require effort, and earning money is no exception. Even to earn from android smartphone, you are required to invest your time and energy to the given tasks in order to be paid for it. There are many more such apps available on Android Play Store which pay people for advertising or using these apps. Although one cannot think of making this their steady income, it is an easy way to earn some spare cash. These are quick and easy ways to earn money from android and doesn’t even require much effort on part of the users.

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