Download and Install UC Browser for PC, Laptop, Mac and Windows 8.1/8/7

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Download UC Browser for PC: Gone are the days when people would wait for the internet explorer to open at its own sweet time and make us wait if we desired to view or have an access to something from the web. Check UC Browser for PC or Laptop Systems have changed rapidly and while internet explorer is good only in jokes now, there is need for more efficient and faster browsers. Although Google Chrome remains the number one browser of all times, for android phones and iOS, there is still need for other browsers. A number of third-party browsers are available for Android, Blackberry, Windows and other mobile platforms. Of all of them, Download UC Browser for PC is by far known to be the best browser available in the market.

More than 500 million plus users use it across the globe. One of its best features of using UC browser for PC is that whichever webpage you visit, is stored in its cache data. Thus, the next time you want to see the same page, it takes less than a second to load. It is popular for all the right reasons and following are they:

UC Browser for PC

Why Install UC Browser for PC, Laptop

  • The best part about UC browser is low internet consumption.
  • UC Browser for PC runs at lightning speed
  • This awesome browser also supports multiple file formats while downloading
  • This browser system is relatively neat and easier to operate in comparison to others.
  • Also, it lets you design your theme, your way.
  • One more reason to go for UC Browser is the smooth and quick process of loading webpages.
  • UC browser for Mac/Windows also consists of an in-built download manager and video player which turns out to be a major benefit.
  • Pretty smooth functioning as it works well even with low speed internet.
  • Allows you to pause downloads and resume with zero difficulty.

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How to Install UC Browser for PC, Laptop/Windows/Mac

UC browser can also be used with computers and laptops. However, an official version of it for PC has been recently launched. It enables the user to make smooth downloads, faster browsing, cloud syncing data and is also very user friendly. Given here is a detailed tutorials of how to download and install UC browser for PC with and without Bluestacks. Until the official version was available, one had to use Bluestacks, an Android emulator to download android apps for PC. Thus, in order to download UC browser for PC using bluestacks, follow these steps:

  1. Download and install Bluestacks on your PC/Laptop.
  2. In the Bluestacks search bar, type ‘UC browser’ and click search.
  3. Download the UC Browser apk file.
  4. Click on ‘install’ for UC Browser.
  5. It will take about a few seconds to install.
  6. Once installed, go in the start menu and click on UC browser to start using it.
  7. You can also change your settings to make it your ‘default browser’.

If this does not work properly for you, then search for UC browser apk file directly in Google and choose Bluestacks from ‘Open with’ options.

Download and Install UC Browser for PC Tutorial

To download UC browser for PC/Laptop without using Bluestacks:

  1. Visit
  2. There will be two versions available for you one will be the General Version and Indian Version.
  3. Click on the version preferable for you.
  4. It will automatically get downloaded on your computer as an ‘application’ file.
  5. Save it according to your convenience.
  6. On completion of the download, choose ‘run the application’ to begin using UC browser.
  7. The above method works fine to download UC browser for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 and even Mac Computers.

How to Install UC Browser on iPhone, Complete Tutorial

UC browsers for PC work well with iPhone and iPad users also. To download UC browser for iPhone/iPad,

UC browser for PC facilitates accelerated browsing, allows you to view pages offline, supports cloud storage and comes with customizable themes. What more would a user require than to get all these function in one browser itself? Although Google Chrome browser is flawless, it uses up a lot of internet data, space on the device and takes a long time to load previously viewed pages too. This makes it pretty much frustrating when you require to access on some information really urgently. Also, Chrome lags behind when it comes to working on slightly slow internet. Download UC browser for your PC offers its users one of the best internet browsing experience. It also offers optimized sharing, i.e. sharing selected texts directly to other applications. Your online accounts are kept safe and secure due to the browser’s privacy settings. You can also choose to adjust the quality of the image in the webpage to facilitate faster browsing and less traffic.

If you don’t like browsers like Chrome, Opera and Firefox because they take ages to produce quick webpages, then you must definitely try UC Browser on Laptop, Windows and Mac computers. It comes with easy user interface and allows the user to easily navigate between pages.


In today’s fast life, where people prefer fast food, just so they can save time eating and use it for keeping pace with changing lifestyles, having a slow browser is definitely a bane. More and more people expect faster and effective results from everything which is important and mandatory for them.  People want quick results and instant success. Although technology is also responsible for the lack of patience and attention span in people these days, it is also the solution.

Those who have massive requirements of the internet and are operating business/ leisure from the desktop or the laptop must download and install UC Browser on your PC to experience faster work and smooth processing. Working or accessing the internet on regular and long intervals can be made easy with the download of this splendid and an impeccable browser. Upon using this, browsing and downloading will become pretty much easier and quicker. Thus, for those who seek faster browsing and an easy to use browser, UC browser for PC is now available for more platforms and multiple purposes.

Update as on May 7, 2017

The UC Browser has come up with an all-new update with its com.UCMobile.intl_v10.10.8.820-280_Android-4.0.apk version of the application. The same was uploaded on May 7, 2017 at 8:15AM GMT+00. With a file size of 17.29MB (18,133,238 bytes), this application can now work with minimum Android version: Android 4.0+ (Ice Cream Sandwich, API 14), going all the way to marshmallow and nougat.

Update as on August 14, 2017

In case you have an android phone and are keen on the UC Browser, fear not. A new update is here, with the latest version of the application, i.e., the UC Browser Updated on August 14th, 2017 this application has added some new features on to its latest roster like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), along with the coolest videos on UC Browser. It has also included a plethora of games and activities which users can benefit from.

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