How to Create WiFi Hotspot on PC/Laptop Windows 8.1/8/7

In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the most basic needs are survival needs – food, water and shelter. However, add to that an internet connection, a Smartphone and a laptop. These three things have created an importance amongst people and without these, most people feel handicapped and incapable of doing even the most trivial jobs. These three things have undoubtedly become the basic necessities of modern life. Technology has taken over almost everything and everyone.

During situations where you may lack some company, your tech devices come to your rescue just as immediately and probably faster than the speed of light and internet is the only thing which can make your device interesting and can therefore open up a whole new world for you. Thus, if you are caught in a situation where you don’t have an internet connection but have your device you definitely much are in a fix. Earlier we shared articles on topics like Best Android Launcher and Best Android VPN Providers, which were great hits in the site, and now we wanna inform you about how anyone can easily create WiFi Hotspot on PC and Windows Laptop in just few minutes for free of cost to start sharing internet connection of PC/Laptop with other devices.

WiFi Hotspot on PC or Laptop

However, if the situation includes a friend who has a laptop and in-built internet adapter, then a little programming here and there, and voila! You will have a WiFi hotspot at your disposal. All you need to do, to create WiFi hotspot on PC/Laptop running on Windows 8.1/8/7, is to follow these quick steps. Creating a WiFi Hotspot on laptops or PC is definitely not rocket science. Setting up this sort of Wi-Fi is easy as there are only few steps involved which bring out the solution to the problem of no connection.

Technology is a huge concept and there are many integrated avenues to it which create convenience if well-handled and understood or else it takes absolutely no time to do the reverse. In order to create various connections which are domestic and international, there are various chips and system which has been installed in the device, making it relatively easy for users to set up a connection. Just like memory cards on phones, PCs and Laptops use several cards that enable gaming, graphics, internet, sound and other such functions. Each function has its own card.

For internet, there is a card which is commonly called Network Interface Card. This card allows your PC/Laptop to communicate over a network. Most laptops come equipped with only one NIC, making it restricted to internet connection for only one laptop. Thus, by means of ‘virtualization’, we can virtually ‘split’ the NIC into two cards, thereby connecting one to the internet while the other can become a WiFi sharing hotspot.

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Here we list down some really easy steps and all you require to do is follow these instructions to create a virtual WiFi hotspot on PC/laptop:

WiFi Hotspot on PC/Laptop Complete Step by Step Guide


  1. Enable the Microsoft Virtual Wi-Fi Miniport Adapter

– All you need to do is click open the “Run” dialogue to enable the virtual adapter. There also is a shortcut key to this which is Windows key + R.

– After the first step click on Open Command Prompt i.e. CMD + Enter

– On opening CMD, enter the following command:

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=Hotspot key=Password keyUsage=persistent

Here, your hotspot ID is “SSID” and the password for it is “Password”, to make it a secure linking.

– On completing this step, your Microsoft Virtual Miniport Adapter is now enabled. Post this you can comfortably use the Wi-Fi hotspot which you have now set up on the device.

  1. Configure the Microsoft Virtual Miniport Adapter

– After completing the first step mentioned above, connect your laptop to a wireless network immediately.

– Click on to ‘Network Connections” in the Network and Sharing Centre.

– After completing the above said steps you will notice something on the left hand top corner of the screen, something called as ‘Change Adapter Settings’ option. Click on that and enable the virtual adapter.

– Once internet is connected via NIC, right click on Wireless Network Connection and select ‘Properties’.

– In the Properties dialogue box, select ‘Sharing’ and check ‘Allow other Network users to connect through this Computer’s Internet Connection’.

– From the drop down menu of Home Networking connection and Select Private Network Connection, enable the Microsoft virtual miniport adapter, which will be named as “Wireless Network Connection 2”.

– Pressing ‘OK’ will confirm that the network is now being “Shared”.

  1. Starting Wireless Hotspot

– In this part of setting up of hotspot you will be required to return back to Command Prompt in the same way you did in step 1.

– In a new CMD window, enter the following command:

netsh wlan start hostednetwork

– If everything has been followed properly, CMD will confirm that “The hosted network is shared”.

– When you navigate back to Network Connections, you will find SSID in your listed networks and with full receptivity.

  1. To Stop Wireless Hotspot

– In order to disable the use of the virtual Wi-Fi hotspot, go to Command Prompt.

– In a new CMD window, enter the following command:

netsh wlan stop hosted network

– On doing so, CMD will confirm that “the hosted network stopped”.

Lo and behold! Your laptop/PC is now configured to be a wireless hotspot as and when you require. The name of your hotspot is SSID, and the password is simply “Password”. If you have advanced programming knowledge, you can also change the hotspot name and password when you are entering the command to create the virtual adapter. The more personalised it is, the better it gets. However, it is advisable for one to at least have basic programming knowledge or supervision to carry out these steps since wrong commands can hamper your PC’s or laptop’s default configuration.

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Wrapping it Up

Nonetheless, these are quick and easy steps that guide you through creating your own Wi-Fi hotspot, and share it with friends, as and when you require. There is absolutely nothing better than to find WiFi zoned areas especially when you require it the most. The best part about this facility is its availability. After knowing these steps it becomes relatively easier to create WiFi hotspot on your PC even in a deserted area.

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