How to Play Boom Beach on PC

Storm the beach and win the day! Yes we are talking about the very popular smartphone game of recent times, Boom Beach. Boom Beach for PC is a freemium combat strategy game for Android and iOS based smartphones and created by the famous gaming company Supercell. This strategy based game combines attacks on other players also attacks on computer generated bases. Boom Beach’s storyline is fabricated in a tropical archipelago with the player on an island with defenses and troops. Like most of the strategy games, Boom Beach is also a very addictive game and is famous for its amazing gameplay, superb graphics and awesome sound effects.

As soon as Boom Beach released in 2014, the game entered in the” top 10 games of the year” in 22 countries. So it reflects how much popular and famous the game is. So if you want to experience this Boom Beach fully, you better play Boom Beach on PC. But here lies a problem. The maker of the game, Supercell did not release it for the Windows users. So if you want to know the tricks about Boom Beach for PC, please go through the tutorial.

Boom Beach for PC

Boom Beach is such an engaging RPG game where you can build your base, unlock your troops, upgrade your defenses and other buildings and then fight an epic war against your enemy, the evil Blackguard, represented by Lt. Hammerman. You can play Boom Beach as a single player campaign as well in multiplayer mode on the same map. So the main motto of Boom Beach is to build your army, take your expeditionary troop to beautiful paradise islands invaded by the enemy, fight for each beachhead, free the enslaved islanders ,explore the undiscovered archipelago and collect the resources such as gold, wood, stones, irons hidden on the islands to upgrade troops and buildings. So friends, what do you say???Isn’t the game sound enticing enough to play in a bigger screen??Sure it does. Now check out what will the game offer when you play Boom Beach on PC. Below are the features of Boom Beach for PC.

Features of Boom Beach for PC

  • Boom Beach comes with awesome user experience and very simple user interface. This means the game is very easy to grasp and within few minutes you’ll understand how to play it.
  • Boom Beach offers graphics of awesome HD quality and the sound effects complement perfectly with the graphics.
  • Boom Beach guarantees new interactions and new experiences every time as the game features lots of players online.
  • Boom Beach is more action based than drama oriented. So you will feel the adrenaline rush as soon as you start playing the game and you will be get addicted in no time.
  • Boom Beach is not all about action, the game has an expedition side too. You need to find all your hidden resources and target beaches from your navy base.
  • The more you play the game, the more you find your target beaches, your global ranking will increase accordingly. There is no limit on finding target beaches, that means you will never get bored of playing Boom Beach for PC.

How to Play Boom Beach for PC 

When you start playing Boom Beach for PC, at first you have to explore a huge tropical archipelago which is full of danger and off course treasure. You need to remember the whole map in your mind for the future. Now you have to set up your base and HQ at that bare-looking island to see off the proximities if there are rivals threatening your base.

Now the next thing you have to do is find out whether your neighboring islands natives needed to be rescued or not, if yes then your heroic instinct comes to life. Then you will start attacking those undiscovered island bases which are controlled by the Blackguards. Using your own strategic plan you have to free the island natives. To fight off the enemies you have to build basic structures and armies which include human players too. You can send your own boats and gunships, can deploy your troops and cleverly invade your opponent’s headquarters. When you free an island successfully, you will be instantly rewarded with the resources that will come handy to develop your own HQs. Apart from treasure; you can also collect the more mysterious power of ancient statues and life crystals. The players can also gather “Intel” which can be used to attack computer generated bases in task force operations.

While playing Boom Beach on PC, the game also offers a premium purchasable currency, diamonds, which are available in small quantities. These diamonds are used to speed up every aspect of the game; from construction time of buildings and statues, to troop training and armory research.Diamond can also be used to purchase more gold, stone, wood, and iron. Other than diamonds, Powerstones are also used to boost various aspects of the game like building health, troop health, resource production, etc.

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Minimum Requirements to Play Boom Beach on PC

You need a very basic level of system requirements to play Boom Beach on Windows or Mac PC. If you use a Windows system (2013 or later) or a Mac one (2013 or later) with modern standards of hardware and software specifications, then you need not have to worry about checking the compatibility. Otherwise, check out the below points to make sure that your system is 100 % compatible to run Boom Beach for PC.

  • Windows XP, 7, 8/8.1, 10 or Mac OS X
  • Internet
  • Mouse and Keyboard
  • 2 GB of RAM and enough free storage in C Drive for BlueStacks’s files and files of Boom Beach to be installed.
  • The graphic driver of your PC should come up to dated.

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Boom Beach for PC (Windows 8.1/8/7/XP)

Boom Beach is an app which is exclusively made for Android and iOS, so naturally you can play Boom Beach from the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. If you are an Android user then simply visit or tap your Play Store icon from your smartphone and search for the app in the search bar. If you use an Apple device then visit www. or the visit the App Store from your iPhone to play Boom Beach on your smartphones.

But the biggest advantage to play Boom Beach on PC is if you play the game on a bigger screen with HD resolution display you can enjoy the game in an ultimate way. Also you can feel the sound effects more vividly. Another advantage Boom Beach for Windows PC offers that your computer comes with a physical keyboard and mouse which are way better controllers than the touch screen devices.

Unfortunately,as we discussed earlier Boom Beach is not officially available for the Windows. So to download and play Boom Beach on Windows PC you have to download an Android emulator first. Basically an emulator mimics Android on your Windows so you can play any Android app without your device actually having Android .Though there is plenty of Android emulator present in the market but we will recommend BlueStacks for you as it is the most safe and reliable emulator of present time. Don’t worry folks, we have explained the whole process to get Boom Beach on PC below. Just follow these easy steps and you are all set to play Boom Beach for PC.

Step 1 – At first, you have to download the installer file of BlueStacks app player and once it is downloaded completely, start the installation process.

Boom Beach for PC

Step 2 – Launch the emulator once it’s ready to use, and begin using the search tool you see on the home screen. Type ‘Boom Beach’ to find the game.

Boom Beach on PC

Step 3 –Now, a pop-up will appear on your PC screen, asking you to login with a Google account in order to setup the sync feature and also to allow access to Android’s ecosystem.

Boom Beach for PC

Step 4 – After that, when the login is completed, you will be redirected back to the search results. You will find Boom Beach on the search results. Click on the game over there, and finally click on the ‘Install’ option to complete the installation process of Boom Beach on PC.

You can now play Boom Beach from your Windows PC or laptop. The whole process will take a couple of minutes. So don’t be impatient, wait until the Boom Beach for PC is ready to use on your system.

Boom Beach for PC

Anytime you plan to play Boom Beach later, just launch the BlueStacks app player again and then launch Boom Beach from its first screen. If the game isn’t visible at the first screen, then you can find it under “All Apps” section or use the search tool to find and launch Boom Beach.

Boom Beach for Mac Download Guide

As we have discussed earlier, Boom Beach is officially available for the Apple device users. So if you want to play Boom Beach from Mac device simply visit the Apple Play Store, search Boom Beach and install Boom Beach on Mac device. You don’t have to spare a single dime to download Boom Beach for Mac device as this app is comes free of cost. If you want to run the system comfortably it will cost you merely though.

 Boom Beach for Windows 10 OS

If you are using the latest Windows 10 OS on your system and you want to play Boom Beach on Windows 10 system, then simply follow the Bluestacks or the Android emulator process we have discussed earlier for the Windows 8.1/8/7/XP version. This process is exactly same for all the Windows version and the easiest too.

Boom Beach App Best Alternatives

There are many other action based strategy games are available in today’s market which will give you the same thrill and excitement as Boom Beach offers. You can play Clash of Clans, Clash of Lords 2, Plants vs Zombies, X-War: Clash of Zombies, War Inc.-Modern and Battle Glory as the best alternatives of Boom Beach.

Wrap Up

Droidadda lovers, hopefully you have liked our tutorial on Boom Beach for PC. If you have any queries or have slightest doubts about the process to get Boom Beach on PC you can leave your question on our comments section. We promise we will answer questions as soon as possible. So just download Boom Beach on PC and enjoy this awesome game. Thank you.

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