13 Best Pedometer Apps for Android and iOS

Smartphones are called “smart” because the way these gadgets make our life much easier. We may take Pedometer Apps for example as it help us to stay fit and fine for sure. In this article we will be listing some the best Pedometer Apps for Android and iOS right here at Droidadda.com. Smartphones are really like blessings for us today. Remember those days when we can only call or message from our mobiles, but in this 21st century, in this era of technological advancement, we can do literally everything from that tiny device on our palm. From cooking tips to dating tips, or from petting to travelling all around the world, these little wonders are “man of all season”.

Every single day a new phone is launching, a new application is being released and is making our world and its vast knowledge so very small so that it can fit into our hands. As we are broadening our mind day by day, we are forgetting to look into our health. So that problem has a solution too. And we are presenting this exclusive list of some of the best pedometer apps to offer that solution to all of our beloved readers.

There are apps available in today’s world which would suggest you your perfect exercises based on your personal data and also keep tracks of your daily workouts. So, what if you want to check how much you walk daily??? Yes you guessed it right. There are plenty of pedometer apps to keep track of your walking routes. These pedometer apps not only measure your walking regime but also measure your calories burnt, heart rate, total steps taken, your walking speed. The fitness tracking apps also work as your fitness trainer, it set a goal for you and helps you to achieve your goals. Some pedometer apps also facilitates you with sharing your workout data among friends, so in a way you can compete with them too. We in this article has accumulated the 13 best Pedometer Apps for both Android and iOS of current time . Check out the apps, download in your smartphones and start running.

List of Best Pedometer Apps for Android and iOS


MapMyWalk is one of the best applications to accompany you while running. The app comes with loads of features that go beyond merely counting your steps or measuring the distance you travel. This fitness tracking app lets you to calculate the time taken, the speed at which you covered the whole distance, and keeps a track of your route using GPS so that you keep aware of where you are heading to. MapMyWalk keeps a track over 600 activities that include running, jogging, cycling, yoga, gym workouts etc. The statistics get uploaded to the official website www.mapmywalk.com. With all its features, this pedometer app provides you the workout stats like calories burnt, weight loss, elevation, time, pace and much more.

Best Pedometer Apps


MapMyWalk  is available for iPhonesAndroid phones and also Blackberry on limited support.

Runtastic Pedometer

There may be plenty of pedometer apps available at the Google play store, but few of them stand alone because of their unparalleled accuracy and a user friendly interface. Runtastic Pedometer is such a fitness tracker application which is known for the accuracy of its measurement, thanks to the developers. Like other pedometers, Runtastic Pedometer also helps you to measure the speed, distance, the time taken, the calories burnt and the step frequency as well. The other advantage of this application is that you can share your data in various social media like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Google +. Thus, in a way you can compete with your best friend as if you were running together. We may easily conclude that Runtastic is surely one of the best pedometer apps of current times.Runstatic Pedometer

Runtastic Pedometer is available for both Android and iPhones.

Noom Walk

Noom Walk app is such a pedometer that is helpful for both the corporate dwellers who hardly find time to jog and for those who walks regularly. The app measures your step automatically 24 * 7 and keeps a log of all your steps throughout the day. You can share the data in various social media with the like minded folks. Noom Walk also encourages people with comments and high fives if theirs’ target or goal is achieved. Also, you can add friends, monitor their walking activity every day and appreciate it by “high fiving” them. Noom Walk is also popular for the fact that it doesn’t drain your smartphone battery as the app uses low battery drain sensors and smart algorithms. It has been observed that this pedometer consumes just 3-4% of your phone’s battery if kept running for the whole day!

Noom Walk

Noom Walk is only available for Android phones.

Runkeeper Free

Runkeeper Free is kind of complete health trainer for you and integrates with many other apps making your life a lot easier. The app first instructs you to sign in with your E-Mail or your Facebook or Google account and then all your training schedules and reports will be mailed to you according to your gender and age. This fitness tracker let’s you develop a training schedule, set targets, review the old ones and challenge yourself to keep yourself in a good shape. Runkeeper can calculate your running pace, cycling speed, elevation, route as well as the calories burnt in your indoor exercises like yoga. Probably it is one of the best pedometer apps and it comes with every necessary feature you can think of like accurate speed,social media support, distance calculators, mapping your route and workout schedule

Best Pedometer Apps: RunKeeper

Runnkeeper Free is available for iPhones and Android phones..

Accupedo Pro

Accupedo app can track your steps and report to you right from a home screen widget. One can also customize their personal settings. This pedometer app measures the distance, speed, calories burnt and time accurately. The app comes with a health kit, and also the data displayed in the form of charts. Plus here is a music option within the app to accompany you while walking or running. You can set your goals and can check how much you have achieved. The app also allows you to pause, stop and resume your counts.You can share the data in Facebook too.


Accupedo is available for iPhone as well as Android.

Endomondo Sports Tracker

Endomondo fitness tracker takes fitness monitoring to a whole new level. Along with keeping a log of your running activities, the app can track any distance based sport and measures the calories burnt, distance covered etc. So in a way this app becomes the health center for all your sports activities as well. Endomondo app can become your trainer-cum- motivator while you are cycling, doing yoga or martial arts. The app provides you audio feedback on your workout in regular intervals. If you set a training goal, the audio trainer will assist you achieve it. The app also offers you the opportunity to share your workout photos, audio clips and can compete with your friend through the app.


Endomondo App is available for Android phones.

Nike+ Running 

The famous running shoe and sportswear making company Nike developed this application to inspire people for running and stay fit. The Nike + Running application comes with a classy interface and offers everything a professional runner seeks. The app measures the distance, the speed, the calories burnt and prepares a schedule to be followed depending upon your goals to be achieved. All the data gets  updated to the official website of Nike for analysis and sharing with friends.

Nike+ Running

Nike + Running is available for iPhone and Android users.

Zombies, Run

This fitness tracker application is a fun filled app which makes your workout a lot more fun than merely boring! Zombies, Run makes running a game and more exciting by letting the zombies come after you.

You can collect perks like medicine and ammo every time you escape from the zombies. You can then later use those perks to escape or for some nice progress. Please keep on reading to check out the remaing of our dedicated list of best pedometer apps.

Zombies, Run

This pedometer app also guides you through stories where you can uncover some mysterious stuff as you progress!

Zombies, Run is available for iPhones and Android phones.


Moves is an amazing pedometer app that offers you some perks in terms of visual. The “Places” segment shows your most common places you visit daily. The “Storyline” facility provides a timeline view of your day. You will get your routes on the map, the pedometer, calories burnt and the connected apps log from this fitness tracking app.


Moves is available for Android phones as well as iPhones.


This app is more than just a pedometer. Fitbit offers a lot of other things to keep you fit and in shape. Fitbit helps in your workouts (including Yoga), make your diet chart, tracks heart rate (for all day), measures runs, tracks your walks & hikes and does much more.

Fitbit also offers you to compete with your friends and compare their readings. It also allows to you sync your data across all the devices if you have an official account in Fitbit.


Fitbit app is available for Android and iPhone.


Stepz is an iPhone only pedometer app which comes with a color-coded display that counts your steps for the day, distance in miles, and 7-day average. Also a bar chart with a green line shows your step goal. Days that you complete your goal are indicated in green, days you miss comes in red color, and the rest days are orange, making workouts more colorful. Stepz doesn’t need a GPS and also doesn’t drain your phone’s battery. Stepz pedometer app also supports export/import from a CSV file. Unlike the other fitness tracking apps, the data is stored securely in the device.

If you are an iPhone 6 or an iPhone 6 Plus user, then you can also calculate the floors you climbed, which is a nice addition.


Stepz is only available for iPhone.


Unlike the other regular pedometer apps, Pacer helps you with lot more things like measure your blood pressure, weight and BMI management.

This pedometer app tracks your steps no matter how you carry your phone. Pacer not just records your steps, but also calculates the calories you burnt, the distance you covered and the time where you were active.


Pacer also facilitates you to create groups with your friends and family; with whom you can share and compare the data!

The app is only available for iPhone.


Breeze is also another pedometer app from the Runkeeper company and it is exclusive for iPhones. Apart from tracking your daily workout activities, the app keeps you motivated in between your walking sessions. Also this pedometer app keeps you updated with how you are progressing with your goals. This is surely one of the best pedometer apps for iOS users.


Wrap Up

Folks, hopefully this article on best pedometer apps has helped and guided you a lot to get an idea about the fitness tracking apps. We are sure that you have already downloaded one from the above list. Now take a resolution, make these best pedometer apps your buddy, kill your inner demons and start working out. Because as the proverb says, “Health is Wealth ”. You can post your feedback on this article and about our website in our comments section. We would really love to hear from you. Thank you.

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