Top 5 Best Navigation Apps for Android Smartphones

In the olden days, the only navigation system people followed was a compass, a drawn map or verbal directions from people on the way. Those were the days when people realised the importance of accurate directions as it saves time and energy. Slowly and eventually, times did change and so did technology. However, with the brilliance of Android Developers and the evolution of Navigation Apps for Android and other Smartphones, the modern men have developed new and advanced technology and today, one can find their way from practically anywhere on the surface of the earth, as long as they have internet and a GPS supported phone/laptop.

Navigation Apps for Android

GPS, or Global Positioning System, is a system that gives you the exact location, weather conditions and time anywhere on earth. GPS serves you accurate and reliable information within a few seconds which in turn makes your work quicker and easier. This allows you to navigate your way through even narrow alleys of an unknown place, given that you have a definite destination in mind.

Previously, GPS was used only in the Navy, Space Programs, Air Force and Military. However, eventually, in 1999, the first mobile phone with GPS-support was launched. Although it faced a few hurdles, today, GPS on mobile phones is very common, crucial and necessary. There are several easy and convenient navigation apps for Android which helps to make travelling easier and safer. If you loved our earlier article on Best Android Launcher, then we are confident that you will love this one too on the best navigation applications for Android phones.

When someone talks about mapping system, or GPS on phones, the only name comes to mind is Google Maps. Google is still dominating the industry in terms of navigation. However, Google has tough competitors too. And it’s time we unwrap the surprise for you by presenting list of some of the best navigation apps for Android.

Best Navigation Apps for Android Smartphones


  1. NavFree

A close competition for Google Maps, NavFree has a slight edge over Google because it offers the one thing that Google fails to do – offline mapping. NavFree provides the user with offline navigation which is utmost useful at all times. The App is available for free from the Google Play Store, however, there are certain features which need to be bought, if you like or want them. These premium features include – safety camera, celebrities’ voice giving you the direction, parking information and so on.


From the looks of it, these features are value for money, but the app is great even without these. Moreover, if in case, there is some incorrect information on the map or some missing landmark, NavFree allows you, i.e. any user to rectify the mistake. This helps the users get accurate directions without getting confused or lost and thus is one of the trusted and very reliable navigation apps for android.

Download it from here.

  1. Waze

WazeMillions of users across the world use Waze because it has all the features that Google offers, and some more too. Google bought Waze and integrated its features in Google Maps, but the original Waze app still remains classic among people. The unique selling point (USP) of Waze is user interaction – the app allows users to post live information about the traffic, lane jams, and accidents, police checking etc. This helps other users to determine their routes accordingly. If it seems like this app is not meant for you, because you will not post such things on the app, then leave your worries aside. Waze automatically judges the traffic, speed and route patterns and posts on your behalf, thereby helping others.

Get it from this Link.

  1. HERE


Developed by the most trusted mobile company ever, HERE is a navigation app launched by Nokia in 2014. It is an elegant navigation app, with friendly interface and simple features. The main appealing feature of this navigation app for android is that you can download maps of a particular region for later use. Thus, if you do not have 3G connectivity, you don’t have to worry about not being able to access GPS. This app also provides traffic information, public transit information and allows you find and save places for gaining directions quickly later.

Google Play Store Download Link

  1. MapQuest


Considered to be the great grandfather of mapping apps, MapQuest has been around since even before Google ventured into this. Previously, MapQuest allowed you to print the directions and enjoy the ride. Today, they have developed into a successful navigation android application which provides accurate turn-by-turn GPS data to the user. Not only that, but the app also re-routes automatically if the chosen route has more traffic. Besides, in case where you have to park the car away from your final destination, MapQuest continues being your guiding light even when you start walking. It is not wonder then that MapQuest is still around and gives a tough competition to Google Maps.

Google Play Store Official Download URL

  1. Polaris Navigation

Polaris Navigation

Polaris Navigation app, developed by DS Software, is every user’s go-to navigation app for android, the USP of this application is that it provides access to other navigation apps such as Google Maps, MapQuest and many others. Hence, you can choose the source from which you would like to navigate your way through, and Polaris will make it happen. Besides this, other features of Polaris Navigation App include trail recording, turn-by-turn directions, management system and multiple coordinate formats. Its stability and popularity among the masses has made it a decent ranking GPS app on the Play Store.

Grab it from Here. (Google Play Store)

Wrap Up     

GPS navigation applications are a must on your phone, especially if you are someone who keeps travelling to new places. GPS not only does assure accurate directions but also helps a lot with landmarks and famous points. Traveller whether frequent or regular can depend on GPS during uncertain situations or emergencies like the requirement of a hospital or even a restaurant!

GPS navigation apps for android are those which have been specially crafted for the convenience and ease of the customers actually represent the entire road and the directions on the screen which makes it easier for you to recognise the place once you reach there. It is the safest way to remain safe and on track, without getting lost on some unknown street.

Top 5 Best Navigation Apps for Android Smartphones
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