Top 10 Best Music Streaming Apps for Android Smartphones

Music has been a part of our life now-a-days. While travelling or chilling out with friends, music is a part you can’t avoid. Discarding music players, today’s smartphone and tablet has taken priority. Having a great music streaming app in our phone not only allows us to tap and play but also we can start music on demand! Today we will be providing you with some of the best music streaming apps for Android Smartphones in this article.

Android platform is the biggest in Smartphone’s market pie. Numerous apps have boarded into the Google Play Store which can be accessed easily from any Android run smartphone. Some are free and some of them are paid.

After noting all the important features of a hundred Android Smartphone’s music apps, we have sorted out a list of best music apps for you.

Best Android Music apps

Best Music Streaming Apps for Android

Milk Music

Comes @ Free

This free Android music streaming app is maintained by Samsung. It’s quiet pretty Android app that is designed in minimalistic way. Its fluidic navigation is obviously the eye-catching point. But it’s available for the US residents only and for those who have a Samsung device.

Sound Cloud

Comes @ Free

The taste of this music streaming app is little bit different. Here you can follow any artist and options available for search songs and video simultaneously. It does not have top rated music artists in list however it’s a treasure trove where you can find all new budding artists and a range of unknown artists. Share some new songs with your friends which are simply awesome and are not available easily.


Comes @ Free

The name is already famous while it has rolled out an update where 20 millions songs have been featured. You can add your buddies simply by hitting the “Add your friends” option available there and share trendy and beautiful notes. This can serve you in both way, if you have Spotify already installed in your phone then don’t look for anything else. It’s one of those craziest music streaming apps for Android, which is not a standalone music app only.


Comes @ Free

This is the latest launch in this category however it has a long array of songs in different categories which are offered at free of cost. The effort needs is just install the app on your Android smartphone. It is currently featuring 30 million songs that can be streamed anytime online on your Android smartphone, from almost 1000000 artists. Shortlist your favourite and you can share with your friends already present there or have this app installed.


Comes @ Free

It’s widely famous for its simple yet strong features. Simple layout is the prime feature of this online Android music streaming app. An interesting point of this app is that it has a built-in alarm clock. Tweak comes, when you want to set the alarm. . You can choose the alarm according to your wish; means in your own choice- select the tune you want to listen when waking up.


Comes @ Free

It’s another master piece by Google. With multiple playlists and more than 40 million songs and all of these come at free of cost. This is selected as editor’s choice in Google Play currently. Bug free, simple yet fast online music streaming player is taken out of the box by Google though some more things have to be added in order to make it the leading music streaming app for Android users.

TuneIn Radio

Comes @ Free

Music lovers can look into this not so famous Android app. Robust search options and a digital library with more than 5 million songs and radio programmes made it the simple winner of the combo- Music streamer plus radio tuner. Just download it and install- play with the music way you like.

iHeart Radio

Comes @ Free

When you wanna have a robust music app in your Android smartphone then iHeart can be your first choice once you get all its features under lens. iHeart features 18 million ready to play songs with 400000 artists, numerous genre and thousand of live radio stations. But the annoying part of this Android music app is that you will have to go through advertisements in-between of the tracks.


Comes @ Free

As long as you are in United States, Mog is one of the stunning music streaming apps that offers more than 16 million songs to be plugged in anytime. But users outside US won’t able to get it on their Android phone. There is no limit, truly unlimited music streaming for Android users. What can be more thrilling then?


Comes @ $10 per month

Sometimes good thing comes with a price tag. Rhapsody is one of the US only Android apps for online on demand music streaming. Users can save money by paying for a longer term- Six monthly or yearly. Before getting in with subscription, you will be provided a free 14 days trial.

These are the top rated music streaming apps for Android Smartphones and these online streaming apps offer a lot of options to go with. Please leave comment if you think we have missed something vital in this one.

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