Android Tethering : All You Need to Know About

Imagine you are out on a holiday with family and you have purposely selected a place with no internet connectivity or no nearby open free WiFi Hotspot Zone, so as to enjoy your much needed break. There are many situations in life wherein things come up in the most unexpected fashion and one of them is undeniably, work. However, because work is definitely important, you have to somehow manage an access for internet on your phone. You can only imagine the worry and stress if out of the blue, you are required to shoot an urgent work mail after surfing the internet for work reasons, but you have no internet! Imagine your situation, if it hadn’t been for the idea and availability of Android tethering facility.

How to Use Android Tethering

What is Android Tethering?

In layman terms, tethering, or Android Tethering means sharing the internet connection of your phone with other devices around you. This also allows you to share and link your mobile phone with another person’s phone and use his or her internet connectivity conveniently. One can accomplish this in several possible ways – connection the phone to the computer, using a USB cable, sharing data stream over Bluetooth connection or setting the phone as Wi-Fi hotspot. Overall, tethering Android can help you accomplish internet whenever you desire or need.

Android Tethering come built-in with Android phones (Check Best Android Launcher) , with Ice Cream Sandwich introducing the Bluetooth tethering feature. Almost every android phone has the feature called “tethering Android”, which is also placed in a very easy and simple manner. The process of tethering in an Android phone is pretty straight forward and easy to apply. The system has been designed in such a way, which does not complicate or confuse the users in any way.  USB sharing uses the phone as a modem for internet when connected via a high speed USB cable. Bluetooth tethering requires the phone to be connected to the laptop or PC by Bluetooth to share data stream. Lastly, and the simplest of all, WiFi hotspot works exactly like WiFi, i.e. switching it on enables other devices to use your data connection.

How to Use Android Tethering?

  • – The very first step is to go to the ‘Settings’ folder of your phone.

Android Tethering

  • – You will find a large number of options in the settings. From among the various categories of settings, select “Tethering Mobile Hotspot”.
  • – On clicking the tethering mobile hotspot-tethering icon, you will find three main options:

tethering android

  1. USB Tethering
  2. Portable WiFi Hotspot
  3. Bluetooth tethering

While WiFi Hotspot can be used directly as WiFi and Bluetooth Tethering will only require the device to be connected to other devices via Bluetooth, USB tethering is available as an option only the device is connected to the PC with an appropriate USB cable.

– Once the medium of android tethering is selected, enable the particular option and you can start sharing your data pack with other devices.

Beyond the already existing options of sharing your internet connection with other devices, many third party apps are also introduced to circumvent the blocks inserted by data carriers and their terms and conditions. Although this does violate the terms and conditions of using your carrier, people do use this method for gaining more data connection without paying the additional fees for tethering. There is a high possibility that your carrier provider might find a suspicious hike in your data usage without an additional fee payment. If this happens, they can either change your plan automatically, or warn you about the same. Thus, we do not strongly recommend doing this. However, in case you still like to do it, here is the step guide to using third party apps for android tethering.

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How to Use Android Tethering by Installing Third Party Apps

  • Download any one of the third party apps for tethering android and install it on your phone. If your Play Store has blocked the download of these apps, you can download the apk file from the internet and then install it on your phone. The apk file will be installed on your phone only if you have enabled the Security Settings to allow installation of apps not downloaded using Play Store, i.e. Unknown Sources.
  • Once installed, run the app on your device. From a number of options for configuring your Wi-Fi hotspot, you can set a network name as well as security passkeys.
  • Enable the hotspot.
  • Once the app is running, your data package will be shared with other devices. Select the right network name and enter security code to start tethering with other devices.

Android tethering is a technological wonder that allows you to use the same internet connection with multiple devices. This facility enables to get the work done in the most convenient way without any hassles and also through a wireless medium. It is the most useful thing when you are on the go and have no access to internet connection except the one on your phone. However, one must take care while using this wonder. Tethering drains up the battery life of the device being tethered. Thus, to avoid having the phone switch off in the middle of your tethering session, it is better to put the device on charge while tethering it. Moreover, using the same data pack with other devices using tethering can lead to faster usage of your data pack. Needless to say, tethering is recommended for use with those who have unlimited data packs or those who do not use it very often. For those who never manage to complete the data pack limit set for the month by the service providers tethering is definitely a good option for them. The best part is that your data pack also gets used in some or the other way.

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Tethering enables us to use internet on our laptops and computers even when we don’t have internet connection, nor public Wi-Fi places around. It is also exceptionally useful when our internet server is down and we need urgent business to take care of. Thus, tethering is a really helpful tool in crisis situations. Android tethering is something, which will save you in the last minute and also helps you get done with your last minute work in a situation with no hopes of internet on your device. After all, technology has a way out to everything.

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